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Saturday night on the deck Edited

Copied this on over from FB.

Was a busy day. Wasn’t able to attend the HERF with the Deputy Mayor, Gladiator6, ChinaDan, and Dr P. But later in the evening I managed to wander over to a local B&M for a stick and a shot. Wind was too high to try to smoke on the deck, so that is why I ended up at a B&M. Bought a couple of nice sticks to open the door to the lounge. Saved the fresh sticks for aging in the humidor and smoked something I don’t recognize that came to me by way of Maduro Dan. Thank you Dan. Paired with Dalmore 12 Single Malt Scotch.

Mr. Punch stayed home in bed tonight. I need to take a stick to that bobble-head to get some energy into him.

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    Hmmm. Editing the uploaded image size doesn’t seem to work. Any tips?

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      Hi Ranger, checkout your 2nd attempt, also if you can lets try not to post duplicate content :)