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Monday night on the deck with a Dunhill Heritage Edited

Warmed up nicely today. After working to clean out the garage, I settled on the deck (sans patio heater) with a nicely aged Dunhill Heritage. The Deputy Mayor of CW introduced me to this stick when as a cigar ambassador on the old CW, received two of them from Victoria. Liked this stick so much I purchased several 10-packs. Now breaking them out after two years in the coolador. Black cherry aroma pre-light. Very smooth after light. Not complex, but very enjoyable. Paired with Balvenie 12 yr Single Malt Scotch. Stick is so smooth that this whiskey almost over powers it.

It is a shame that GC shed this brand (doesn’t show up in their cigar line-up or searching the new CW site).

Mr. Punch supervised the destruction of this very fine stick.

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    Deputy Mayor of CW

    (10 months ago)

    Ranger - GCC was a distributor for Dunhills; Dunhill themselves decided to stop making their cigars & tobaccoes. Sadly. So stock up while you can still find them.