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Smoked: Rocky Patel Howitzer Maduro

Posted a little Scotch pairing about this cigar the other night, but didn't have the time to actually post about the cigar itself. This is the "Schwarzenegger" of cigars that I have ever smoked. Can barely get a V-Cut out of my Colibri cutter, but I managed, with a nice draw I must add (would have been better with a punch or regular guillotine cut). This is a 7" x 70 and though many might not like that big of a cigar, the cigar itself is definitely an all afternoon smoke. The construction is solid, firm in the hand with a mild spice on the palate. It's a robust cigar, but not an overpowering blast just to make a point. It has a building strength all the way through that leaves a veteran smoker satisfied. One of the best full-flavored cigars of the maduro variety I've enjoyed. Other sizes are definitely available but if you enjoy a longer than usual smoke time, this may be for you.

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