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Fuente OpusX

Smoked: Fuente Opus X

My wife bought this “ Opus X” for me 6-7months ago. Robusto 5x50. So l saved it in the humidor( unwrapped) till today to smoke in honor of our 5th wedding anniversary. It’s been kept @ a steady 69% 72f for all that time and is in perfect shape. I’ve been doing this cigar thing for decades so, after reading all the reviews/hype about the Opus X series i expected a lot. The wrapper, construction and performance ( cold draw , cut,burn, smoke output,)are what you’d expect from a Fuente.But (and maybe my p alate is just not that refined!) it is not blowing me away. Especially @ the price range of these babies! If someone offered me one I certainly would be very appreciative. It’s a good even consistent enjoyable smoke( into the second third taking my time) . I just don’t get the Opus X fanfare. ( not fair to call it hype because it is a good cigar). Just not all i expected!

as always,”your results may vary”

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    (4 months ago)

    Happy Anniversary!

    I've found that if I refrained for a long time from smoking a cigar that I have in my humidor because it is something special, it often doesn't live up to what I may have built up in my mind.

    For whatever reason (may have been burn issues) I enjoy Opus X more now than years ago, although they are pricey.

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    (4 months ago)

    Congrats happy anniversary