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Empty Sunday

Sat in an empty church this morning, just Pastor, the A/V guy and myself doing the weekly live stream of service. Pastor said it was very different delivering a sermon to an empty church, lol. Thankfully with the power of technology we were still able to put out the message this morning.

Came home and had a little Punch bolo with a couple cups of coffee before doing a little work in the yard. Cooking up some shrimp and linguini tonight for supper, then need to find a good stick to pair with the new Irish Whiskey I picked up last week called The Quiet Man. Good stuff - I got the blended version, now I am looking forward to trying the 8 year old single malt they offer.

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    (10 months ago)

    Sort of like a stand up comedian delivering his act to an empty room. But there is the technology to allow Pastor to see the number of logins via monitor display. WebEx's have that information for the presenter or host to know exactly who is logged in. At least there is some amount of audience feedback. But for low tech and low budget, you. may be dealt the hand.

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      (10 months ago)

      For the church, everything tech is low budget. It took a year for me to get streaming services in action and all we needed was a $150 video capture card and an upgrade to our copyright license from CCLI. I was also stressing the need for a newer system (our A/V computer was an old 2nd generation i7 dual-core system, which lagged so bad when running OBS), which once streaming did get started, the need for was made evident. It finally came down to myself and another church member getting together and donating the money last week to get the parts to build a new system, which I was working on building yesterday. With a new AMD Ryzen 5 3400 CPU, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, supported by an MSI B450 Gaming series motherboard and an 80+ certified PSU to power it all, hopefully, we can get our streaming and presentation quality up. Still running the old GTX 550 Ti graphics card from the old system, but those high-performance graphics cards are pricey! I'll have to wait a few months to get one of those. Unfortunately in our church, they want to do a lot of things, but then they aren't willing to spend the money on the technology needed to do them!

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    (10 months ago)

    Mrs & I watched church services from home yesterday. I hadn’t thought about how strange it must be for the Pastors to preach to empty churches.