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Conquered the garage — now celebrating

Finally conquered the garage and got the old 16’ wooden boat my Dad built in 1958-1960 out of the garage. I started to put a new keel in it 10 years ago and got side-tracked. With the big boat under its winter wrap, and a stay-at-home order, decided it was time to get back to working on the old woodie.

Now on the deck celebrating with an ISOM I picked up in Lisbon during the last cruise. Thank you Barry Kamen for putting me on to these PSD4 and thank you Gladiator6 for searching for and passing to me the coordinates for the official store.

Left a bunch of pics over on FB Ward B page.

Mr. Punch is supervising.

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    Come on stimulus check, have to get some of those.

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    Made me tired just looking at those pictures.