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Where to start?

Just starting to venture into the world of smoking cigars. Just wanting a few tips for beginners. Whats the best cigars? Whats best for beginners to start with as far as storage for nicer cigars? Just anything.

Thanks in advance.

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    (10 months ago)

    Sampler packs are your friend. It's an extremely cost effective way to sample a variety of blends to start to establish what YOU like. From there, you'll know which direction you want to go.

    Of the few hundred sticks I've smoked, I've ended up stocking more sub $2 sticks than anything because I find them more enjoyable and don't feel as bad as l if I can't finish it.

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    (11 months ago)

    I agree with what others have said here that it’s subjective, but I would also add don’t be afraid to try different cigars, realizing you won’t like some of them. And don’t feel like you’ve “wasted money” on the ones you don’t care for because it’s a process for developing your own taste and discovering your preferences. I am relatively new to cigars (just a couple of years) and have spent plenty experimenting with different cigars. Smoked quite a few I didn’t care for, but discovered what are now some of my favorites along the way. Most of all, enjoy the journey!

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    (12 months ago)

    In this game of cigar smoking, there are no best ones. Newbies typically start with a milder cigar but that doesn’t mean you have to.

    Just about all cigar firms have flagships and a few tug boats.

    You should start reading or watching reviews of cigars from some of the most popular cigar reviewers and see how your tastes align with theirs. That will help you a lot. But most of all it is a wonderful journey into the life work of dedicated people who really try to give you excellent product that stands by their name.

    Hard to find products like that today.

    BTW, after some experience in cigar smoking I think one of the brands on top of your list will be Padron.. wink wink

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    Edmond N

    (12 months ago)

    for best cigar all i can say is pick up things that look cool to you or something that you have read and want to try. so many different cigars out that. just have fun with it.

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    (12 months ago)

    Welcome, BOTL.

    1) Best is subjective. I have clients that don't like what I consider a quality cigar

    but rave over their Swisher Sweets. You will know what you like and your

    tastes will evolve. Maybe try a Macanudo Gold Label and/or Perdomo Lot 23


    2) There is a lot of info on various cigar retail sites about humidors and tuppidors.

    Check out some of the sampler deals that throw in a humidor. They will work

    until you decide you want to invest in a larger more advanced humidification