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Test Cigars

I didn’t receive my cigars in time to make the survey, but I did enjoy them. “D” was then clear winner for me, even though it started out a little too bitter in the first 1/4. It mellowed out nicely and balanced well for the last 3/4. “F” had better consistency, but I didn’t enjoy the flavors as much. “G” was just too bitter off and on throughout. There were moments of goodness, but they were generally followed by those real bitter spots. I found myself not looking forward to continuing.

Thank you for including me in the test. I hope to get to do that again sometime, even though I didn’t get to participate in the official survey.

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    (12 months ago)

    How do I get involved in testing the different cigars?

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    (21 months ago)

    The Survey is still online, just click the link in the emails you received and you can fill it out.