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Great little smoke

Cigar Reviewed: La Gloria Cubana Medio Tiempo

Smoked at: Fort Wayne, Indiana

When can I buy these??? I need a box yesterday. 😉

I'm more of a Toro guy but when I was asked to review this cigar I was really excited not only to try it but to do so.

On the initial inspection the cigar is very vainy. The smell was pleasant and the draw pre-light was superb.

The amount of smoke this little robusto produces is immense. With flavors of cedar, cocoa, and a nice flavor of tobacco sweetness. Not like honey or anything over sweet. Just a nice sweet undertone and taste of a hint of sweetness. On the retrohale there is a bit of a spice. Not a strong peppery spice but a pleasent spice. It doesn't burn to retrohale this cigar at all.

Moving into the second third the burn is very consistent. I haven't had to touch this cigar up at all. The flavors are still very pronounced and pleasing. The ash isn't desirable but it's just going into my ash tray anyway. The retrohale has its spice and the taste and flavor has now moved into a very smooth and more of a creamy consistency. Wood and cedar seem to stand out to me with whatever that sweet taste is. It's very good but still in the background. Again, not overly sweet, just tobacco sweet. The burn on this is still amazing but the ash is really a mess.

Moving into the final third. Still woody and earthy, I wouldn't call it mushroom but that earthy flavor. The smoke output is still really good. And the flavors are wonderful. Smooth and creamy with a nice woody flavor and perfect draw. Still with that beautiful sweet consistency, again, please this is not by any means a sweet cigar it's just a very niced smoking and med to full flavored cigar. I would definitely buy and smoke these again and would love to taste a Toro if that size is an option.

My overall impression of the cigar. This is a really good med-full bodied stick. I would score it an overall 8 out of 10. I would definitely recommend a box purchase to anyone considering this stick. I wish they sent me more than 1.

Great stick 100!


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