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Confucius Meets La Gloria Cobana

Confucius once said "May you live in interesting times" which is perhaps an appropriate euphemism for all the craziness stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic. While Confucius could never have envisioned such a time as this his words still ring true today. "So what does a cigar have to do with Confucius you ask", well I'll tell you. These "interesting times" have provided me with the perfect opportunity to seek solace in the comfort of my backyard. These rarely experienced opportunities that have now opened up as a result of working from home have afforded me the opportunity to explore the many treasures buried in my humidor. On a particularly beautiful Virginia day I happened across a La Gloria Cubana Serie R. From the moment I unwrapped its perfectly hand rolled Ecuadorian grown Colorado shade wrapper, to the long, slow draws of aged M‚Äčexican, Dominican, Brazilian, and Nicaraguan filler leaves I was blown away. For the next 30 minutes I was relieved of my daily worries and distracted from the reality of the madness & social distancing all around me. From that day forward La Gloria Cubana has become my perfect "go to escape" as I contemplate the world that Confucius unwittingly wished for all of us.

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    Totally agree!