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Punch- Knuckle Buster Madero Edited

Smoked: Knuckle Buster Madero

To Cigar World Testing Lab thank you for choosing me to review this cigar.

The cigar came loose in a rectangle box, when originally opening I noticed the band with brass knuckles that wasn’t over glued. It was also in a cello wrapper with a humidity pack.

Next I spent a second to examine the punch knuckle buster maduro construction was beautiful maduro with no flaws. Upon opening WOW I got an barn yard hay odor.

Upon getting into the first third I had to get past the smell of the barn yard hey smell. After lighting I got notes of Animal crackers,biscotti, dark coffee,

Opening the cello wrapper got a strong smell of barn yard hay!

Getting into the 2 part of the cigar the flavor is definitely different Salted crackers/ oyster crackers and a weird cardboard box taste and smell. Almost like it’s green. The ash is a darker color making me think the tobacco might contain Heavy metals.

For the last part of the cigar the cardboard taste got stronger with a hint of black pepper.

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