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Macanudo never disappoints

I'm only about a year into smoking cigars and have tried many brands. Still limiting myself to Medium and mellower sticks. One thing I have found is that Macanudos are all well constructed, burn well, and are a pleasant experience. As a friend said, "Macanudos are to cigars what Buffalo Trace is to bourbon." Meaning, enjoyable, dependable and flavorful.

I'm still sorting out my palette, and everyone is different, but here is my ranking of what I have tried so far. (You will notice I have yet to try the flagship Cafe).

Inspirado Green — one of my first forays into Medium strength. The flavor of the Arapiraca wrapper was the first thing to get my attention. It was so different, I kept expecting the strength to ramp up, but it stayed about Medium and I really enjoyed it. My non-smoking family members also liked the aroma.

Mac Maduro — Loved the complex flavors here without worrying about getting a headache or sick to my stomach.

M Bourbon — My first Macanudo. Won't be my last. Shared several and everyone liked them.

Inspirado White — great cigar. Would recommend to anyone, from beginner on up.

Mac Gold Label — Smooth and mellow. Still looking for the lemony taste I read about.

Mac Heritage Reserve — Another smooth smoke, only fell to 6 because of construction issues. Have a couple more to try again.

Inspirado Palladium — I could taste the difference in how these were aged. Not as smooth as the others above, but nothing objectionable.

M — coffee is not my thing, but this was a good cigar.

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    (6 months ago)

    Great recap! Glad you’re enjoying these blends!