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M by Macanudo Espresso w/ Cream - LAB TESTING REVIEW

Smoked: Macanudo M Espresso with Cream

I have to start off with saying that my daily cigar is the Perdomo Torpedo’s. Love’m! So know when I say these Macanudo “Espresso with Cream” cigars are unbelievable delicious, start to finish. I have never tasted any other cigar with these elegantly created hints of espresso & cream. & you get that plethora of flavors laced throughout each draw. There isn’t words that exist for the true feeling you get when finding something this special, but I predict these will be Macanudo’s #1 Seller overtaking the industry by surprise with this specific killer blend of smoke.

Oh, & the aroma has Macanudo’s signature cigar smoke smell but with a slight but noticeable hint of creamy white chocolate. Honestly it’s beautiful.

From the first draw to the last, the taste on your lips it leaves from each draw has a sweet hint of espresso that really puts this already unbelievable tasting cigar on the All Time Greatest list for me. This is truly Next Level cigar crafting, while setting the bar at almost unattainable heights with this specific “Espresso With Cream” edition cigar.

Needless to say, I instantly went online to scour the interwebs for this specific cigar and could NOT find it anywhere. I need this cigar in my life yesterday! Macanudo or Cigar World make these available for all of us to instantly buy in bulk, PLEASE🙏

By the way, a YUGE thank you to Cigar World for sending me this very special Cigar to test out. You guys blew my mind with this top of the line delectable desert of a cigar. Now let me buy a subscription plan to receive a 20 box of these every month and a half on this specific cigar please😉

This cigar has ruined me. I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s even better than my Rocky Patel DECADE edition cigars. It’s that good. I wonder if Macanudo sponsors USPSA Competitors like me?

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    (2 years ago)

    Enjoyed your review!

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    (2 years ago)

    I loved the way it came in nice !

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    (2 years ago)

    Great review!

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    (2 years ago)

    It will be in stores the first week of August. Run.

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      (2 years ago)

      I’ve called JR’s & CI International & a couple other online cigar shops & all of them say they don’t see any of that M Espresso w/Cream Macanudo’s coming in at all.

      Can you recommend an online shop that you know will have them?