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Don't Forget to Enter for your Chance to Win Exclusive Macanudo & Barstool gear! Edited

Macanudo Inspirado is excited to head out on tour as the Official Cigar of the Barstool Classic.

Check us out at Barstool Classic tournament stops all across the country, enter to win some limited edition gear, and light up a cigar or two.

Enter now for your chance to win a limited edition golf set or a Macanudo humidor

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Barstool Class Macanudo


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    (4 days ago)

    There isn't a Macanudo that I didn't like. With that said I will say my fave is the Cru Royale for its bold and spicy flavors. I'm also not much of a flavored cigar smoker, however, the M bourbon cigar is excellent.

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    (5 days ago)

    Macanduo are a favorite go to cigar!!

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    (3 months ago)

    The Mac and barstool 2one Ora kinds

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    (3 months ago)

    Loving the Mac

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    (4 months ago)

    I love using my punch . . .every time I pick up a Macanudo, I put a hole in one.

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    (7 months ago)

    How about smok 'em the whole round