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Where can I get some Cao BONES

I would to find some Cao BONES TO TRY IT.

it’s intriguing to me because my last name for real is BONES so I would love to have some of this cigar.

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    (11 months ago)

    Got a fiver of the churchill size from CI. Tried one last night. Very enjoyable.

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    The Nomad of Ohio

    (12 months ago)


    If you can't find them at your local brick & mortar cigar shop, try Neptune for online ordering:

    This is where I got mine via pre-order and had within a week of release. If your vitola is on backorder, the notify when in stock process is awesome. Neptune rocks for selection, service & shipping. Very professional & classy IMHO. :)



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    (12 months ago)

    I'd check out our store locator.

    It will give you a list of premium tobacconists near you which you can contact to see if they have it in stock. Also if having trouble finding locally we will list out some online retailers.