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Smoking my 1st Bones!

My first impression of Bones is that I love it!

I will do a photo & more detailed review after smoking at least three. Picked up a fiver in the Maltese Cross Gigante 6x60 (my preferred vitola). Savory, flavorful, some sweetness, easy draw, smooth burn and aromatic smoke. Most pronounced flavors are dark chocolate, espresso and almond. Some cedar, pepper and raisin on the "smoke chew" and retrohale. Def nub-worthy! Reminds me of my first cigar over 20 years ago (a Dominican La Gloria Cubana maduro) when I fell in love with cigars "at first smoke".

PS: The ash texture differentiation between filler (solid white) & binder (cascading tiger stripes of black & white) is unique and interesting.

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