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CAO to start the day!

Smoked: Brazilia

This is the stick that made me fall in love with cigars, many years ago. Still love the flavors enough today to have in the rotation.

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    (8 months ago)

    Great cigar! Been smoking for years! Quality phenomenal never goes out and always smokes even. For the price you cannot beat! Definitely better than more expensive cigars. Oh yeah full flavored but will not blow you away 😋

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    (8 months ago)

    It wasn’t my introduction to cigars but it was my introduction to CAO. When I lived in England we had a Cuban cigar club and mostly smoked Cuban cigars. But once one or two of us cottoned on to the Brazilia everyone started buying them. So much so, the retailer kept going out of stock. I live in Texas now and continue to buy CAO cigars. Still love the Brazilia, a fan of the Americana, and a big fan of the Flatheads.