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Are CAO cigars gluten free?

In regards to the ingredients of the glue that is used to roll cigars. Due to my Celiac disease I cannot have wheat and I know industry standard is using vegetable gum (wheat bases) to roll cigars. I was curious to know if cao uses vegetable gum or maybe something gluten free such as fruit pectin? Luckily I have talked with Alec Bradley & Oliva they have confirmed with owners and manufacturers that they are gluten free and I'm hoping maybe cao will be too! Thank you for your time.

This is a common issue and effects many people, what ever I find here I will take back and share with my followers. Many people want to know what is safe!

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    (16 months ago)

    I know a good majority use no-acid fruit pectin now days or Gum Arabic. Definitely is a good idea to stay safe and check first because many still use tragacanth gum for the wrapper and cap.

    Here are some other brands that claim to be gluten free.

    My Father


    Arturo Fuente

    Rocky Patel

    J.C. Newman

    Drew Estate - I've seen not all of them are GF, so it might be worth asking if your favorite ones are, if you like DE, since they make so many different varieties.

    This is a great topic! I've seen it come up before on other forums. We (cigar community) need to make a definitive list somehow. Do you have a bad reaction if it touches your mouth or is it more just precautionary? I know celiac is different for everyone who has it, some are super sensitive while others are not bothered unless they consume gluten.

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    (19 months ago)

    Hey, we'll follow up with the CAO team. great question.