Cohiba Brand Ambassador, Sean Williams, suggests a few drinks that pair well with cigars. Bourbon is his go-to. 

What is your favorite cigar and drink pairing? Let us know in the comments! 

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There ain’t much in this life that’s more perfect than enjoying a delicious hand rolled stogie and a glass of your favorite whiskey or whisky, depending on your preferences. However, even for the most sophisticated cigar guru, with so many choices of cigars and whiskey (or whisky) it can be a little trying from time to time to know what to pair with what. 

So, pour yourself a glass, light up a stogie and learn why cigars and whiskey pair so well together–and get some suggestions on our favorite combinations.

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Grab a brew and a stogie too; it’s time to talk beer and cigars. The key to pairing a premium cigar with a fantastic beer is finding the sweet spot where your cigar's strength and flavor profile align with the strength and flavor profile of your beer.

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    (57 days ago)

    I am a Huge fan of Dalmore Cigar Malt and will pair with LFD DL700

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    (2 months ago)

    I pretty much rotate my bourbons depending what cigars I'm smoking but I do lean to Buffalo Trace and Four Roses most of the time.