The bucket list. Everyone has one. For some it’s visiting ballparks across the U.S. For others it’s national monuments. But for a cigar-lover like yourself, you may find yourself looking for some of the world's coolest cigar lounges.

From New York to Paris to Beijing and back, the Cigar World team has put together a comprehensive list of the most exclusive, most luxurious and the coolest cigar lounges on planet Earth. 


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The Peninsula Hotel - Paris

A combination of Old World charm and 21st century sophistication, the Kléber Lounge at the Peninsula Hotel in Paris offers crystal chandeliers, dramatic modern art and vases everywhere filled with fresh flowers. Most importantly, the cigars and spirits selection is one of the highest quality and diverse enough to provide something for every palate. You’ll enjoy an exclusive assortment of the finest Cuban and Dominican cigars, as well a luxurious array of cognac, rum and whiskey.

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Capella Bar & Cigar Lounge - Dusseldorf

It’s unique, luxurious, intimate and opulent. If the Capella Cigar Lounge’s wood paneling and deep-seated leather chairs don’t impress you, then hopefully one of the one-hundred-and-twenty-four Cuban and Dominican cigars offered in the walk-in humidor will. The bar also offers a range of award-winning cocktails as well as timeless classics.

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Tynska Bar & Books - Prague

Nestled in Old Town, you’ll find this 007-esque cigar lounge offering up some of the city's finest cocktails and cigars. Imagine sitting at a copper bar surrounded by vaulted ceilings with gold lighting. Then this optimal cigar lounge experience allows you to choose between an exquisite selection of Cuban's finest as well as hand-rolled cigars made in New York exclusively or Tynska. 

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Davidoff Lounge - Beijing 

Accompanying the Ritz-Carlton in Beijing, you’ll find the Davidoff Lounge. Now, this isn’t your typical Davidoff store that you’d find in the states. No-no-no. It stacks three extravagant stories and features multiple VIP rooms with everything from gambling to video gaming stations, even karaoke machines. 

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Club Macanudo - New York

Club Macanudo is an elegant oasis nestled in the heart of New York’s Upper East Side. It’s warm, welcoming, and is everything a true connoisseur of food, drinks and cigars would yearn for. The staggering selection of 130+ cigars, the atmosphere and occasional celebrity sightings have led Club Macanudo to be touted by the Food Network, USA Today as well as many others.

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  • Member Avatar
    (22 months ago)

    Nothing like the Metropolitan Cigar Society club located in Fairfield, NJ. A very private cigar with a large seating area. No retail but it’s a BYOC.

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    (24 months ago)

    The one in Paris would be awesome to go to