Wine and cigar pairings you have to try

Cigars and beer. Cigars and whiskey. Cigars and coffee. You’ve all heard them, and hell, you’ve probably tried them. They’re all great pairings depending on your preferences. But this week, the Cigar World team wanted to celebrate one of the most overlooked pairings with a cigar, wine. 

Below, you’ll find an exclusively curated list of four of the most popular wines and top rated cigars to match with them. From a Spanish red to a California Cab, meet some of the best wine and cigar pairings around.  

Bold Spanish-Red

Spanish Red Wine Cigar Pairing v2

La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black Maduro

Full-bodied Spanish reds can be quite the complex drinking experience, more often than not delivering old world notes of leather and bright red fruits. Due to their full bodied tannins, we’d suggest pairing a Spanish red wine with another full bodied cigar. Something like the Serie R Black Maduro from La Gloria Cubana. The spicy Nicaraguan binder and filler tobacco dances perfectly with the leather and vibrant red fruit notes from the wine.

For an Oaky Chardonnay

Oaky Chardonany

Trinidad Santiago

If you’re a fan of Chardonnay’s, you know many of them can obtain an oaky presence with a crisp, light taste. Well, you’ll most likely want this woodieness of the Chardonnay to blend with a cigar on the lighter side. We’d recommend pairing an oaky Chardonnay with a cigar that’s blended from Dominican tobacco. Something like Trinidad Santiago. The balance between the earthy, sweet notes of the cigar and the woodiness from the wine are just fantastic. 

For a California Cabernet Sauvignon

Flint Knoll Cabernet

Macanudo Estate Reserve Flint Knoll

The 2022 edition of Macanudo Estate Reserve isn’t just a cigar that pairs well with a California Cabernet by happy coincidence. Rather, the US Broadleaf binder tobacco of the Estate Reserve was aged in French Oak Cabernet Sauvignon barrels at the renowned Flint Knoll winery in Napa Valley. One other note: don’t let the Estate Reserve’s Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper dissuade you from partnering this cigar with a full-bodied wine. Macanudo Estate Reserve boasts a rich and oaky flavor profile that can stand up to –– and complement –– the bold, complex taste of a California Cabernet

For a Sweet German Riesling

Reisling cigar pairing

Camacho Nicaragua

German Rieslings are normally fruit-forward, light-bodied and easy-drinking. It’s a fantastic summer sipping wine or aperitif wine. So, if you're looking for an incredible pairing of sweet meeting spice, then we’d suggest matching any sweet German Riesling with a Camacho Nicaragua. The fiery mix of Honduran, Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos truly produce an unforgettable smoking and drinking experience.

What’s your favorite wine to pair with a cigar? Let us know!

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