Does an ashtray really matter? Pssh, to propose that question is like asking a golfer if their golf bag matters. Heck yeah it matters. Now don’t get me wrong, a quality ashtray isn’t nearly as important as having a reliable cutter or lighter. It’s not really going to affect your cigar smoking experience, but it’s all part of the lifestyle. 

A great ashtray won’t only do a solid job of holding your cigars, and keeping your space tidy, but it’ll act as a design or accent piece. Much like the Dude’s rug from The Big Lebowski, it can really tie a room together. That’s why the Cigar World team has searched cigar retailers all over the internet to bring you the top rated and best selling cigar ashtrays for 2022.

Best indoor cigar ashtrays

Explore the top rated indoor cigar ashtrays perfect for your office, den, man cave or basement.

#1: Craftsman’s Bench Boca Grande Ashtray

Price: $26.99

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#2: Stinky Tall Ashtray

Price: $40.50

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#3: Scotte Cigar Ashtray With Coaster

Price: $26.99

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Best outdoor cigar ashtrays

Discover the top rated outdoor cigar ashtrays perfect for your deck, porch, camping or even by the pool or beach.

#1: PARDO Silicone Ashtray

Price: $13.99

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#2: HERF Signature Ashtray

Price: $49.99

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#3: OLIP Cigar Ashtray

Price: $10.86

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Best cigar ashtrays for cars/golf carts

Explore these top rated on-the-go cigar ashtrays perfect for your car, golf cart or RV. 

#1: Stinky Car Ashtray

Price: $26.50

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#2: Tommy Bahama Cup Ashtray

Price: $58.00

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#3: Skyway Car Ashtray

Price: $10.95

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The most unique ashtrays

Discover these top rated unique cigar ashtrays that blend the line between function and fashion.

#1: The Floating Ashtray

Price: $17.00

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#2: The Bowden Teak Ashtray

Price: $38.00

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#3: Ash-Stay Windproof Cigar Ashtray

Price: $28.99

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What kind of cigar ashtray do you use? Let us know!


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The saying goes, “a carpenter is only as good as his/her tools.” Believe it or not, a cigar smoker is only as good as your cigar ashtray. Well, that may not be entirely true, but you get the gist. 

For any cigar smoker, whether you smoke one cigar a year or one a day, a cool cigar ashtray can be the perfect combination of show-stopping aesthetic and meaningful functionality.

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Just like any hobby, whether it’s golf, fishing or photography, there’s always a set of accessories that are essential to making sure the experience is filled with enjoyment. The same goes with cigar smoking. And the fact is, subconsciously, your cigar accessories may say a lot about your personality.

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