When one thinks of Orlando, normally Disney World or Universal Studios comes to mind, maybe even endless amounts of traffic or golf courses as far as the eye can see. But, when the Cigar World team thinks of Orlando, well, we dream of the countless cigar bars and lounges.

Whether you’re traveling through on vacation, for work, or if you’re an Orlando local that’s looking to kick back with a cigar, a drink, and maybe some eats, we’ve put together the best places to light up a stogie and enjoy the finer things in life in Orlando.

#3 Cigar Bar Orlando: Executive Cigar Shop & Lounge

If you enjoy a view with your cigar bar, don’t miss out on Executive Cigar Shop located just north of downtown Orlando on the scenic Sanford Riverwalk overlooking Lake Monroe. The outdoor seating area is a perfect spot to enjoy a sunset and a cigar, and the key to unwinding after a day on the links or after work. The staff is incredibly friendly, and pleasant nature aside, their knowledge of cigars is sure to keep bringing you back time after time.

Cigars: The state of the art humidor is more like a modern and minimalist work of art, easily housing a laundry list of top brands like Arturo Fuente, Cohiba, CAO, Davidoff, JC Newman, Olivia, and many more. If you can’t find it here, it may not exist.

Drinks: If you expect high standards when it comes to your cocktails or beverages, then Executive Cigar Shop is most definitely going to suit your tastes. Their staff is professional, attentive, and more than willing to go the extra mile to ensure that you’re enjoying the perfect drink to take your cigar smoking experience to the next level.

Looking to learn more about Executive Cigar Shop? Click here.

#2 Cigar Bar Orlando: Admiral Cigar Club

Just outside of downtown Orlando, you’ll find The Admiral Cigar Club. If there’s one cigar bar that prides themselves on first-rate customer service, it’s here. And most importantly, there’s zero pretense. Even if you’ve never set foot inside, it’s one of those spots that just feels familiar. No matter if you’re a seasoned cigar aficionado or a total newbie to cigars, their resident tobacconists are on standby to provide any info on how to pick the perfect cigar to suit your tastes.

Cigars: The wide open floor plan gives way to brick walls lined with an absolutely stellar selection of premium cigars. You’ll find absolute gems from brands like Arturo Fuente, Ashton, Drew Estate, La Gloria Cubana, Partagas and many many more.

Drinks: The Admiral’s drink selection is constantly evolving and changing by the day. From exquisite coffee to fine wines to hand-crafted cocktails, each and every beverage is specifically tailored to pair perfectly with the stogie of your choice.

Eats: If you’re looking for a little sustenance to accompany your cigar and beverage, the Admiral does have a very small selection of seasonal meats or cheeses to choose from. If you’re in the mood for something on the sweeter side vs. savory, their homemade flan could be right up your alley.

Interested in learning more about the Admiral Cigar Club? Click here.

#1 Cigar Bar Orlando: Corona Cigar Company

The second you enter Corona Cigar Company, you may think you’ve died and gone to cigar smoking heaven. It’s big, it’s brash, it’s bold, it’s everything a cigar bar should be. From the gorgeous leather seating to the almost shockingly-large selection of cigars, every detail has been meticulously constructed to provide an awesomely memorable experience.

Cigars: The cigar selection is simply breathtaking. I mean, seeing as this is owned and operated by Corona Cigars, one would think they’d have a wide array of brands and blends from all over the world, and they certainly do. From Davidoff to Macanudo to Padron, if you can’t find a cigar that suits your tastes here, not sure if you can find one anywhere.

Drinks: From signature cocktails to rare spirits to cervezas from around the world, Corona Cigar Company’s massive menu mouthwatering drink selections may take an entire cigar just to pursue through it. But, we’re certain, no matter what beverage you choose, it’s sure to be made right and pair well with whichever stogie you so choose.

If you’re looking for more information on Corona Cigar Company, click here.

Enjoy The Best Cigar Bars In Orlando!

From all of us at Cigar World, we hope you found this article helpful in your search for finding the perfect cigar bar in Orlando. So, next time you get a bit of “me time,” get out there and enjoy a night out on the town with your favorite people and your favorite cigars.

If there are any of your favorites that we left off the list, we’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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