The most expensive cigar supplies on the planet

Since you’re here reading this, I’m going to assume you enjoy the finer things in life. And by finer things, I mean premium cigars, of course. However, if you’re anything like me, the finer things also delve into premium cigar supplies like lighters, ashtrays, humidors, and cutters. 

So, the Cigar World team decided to scour the interwebs, do countless hours of virtual window shopping, and put together a jaw dropping list of the most expensive cigar supplies on the planet. 

You got that right. A hopes and dreams blog for all of us. Admire, then move on.

Unless you make Musk type of money. Then, you can buy whatever you want.

A $325,000 lighter for your cigars.

That’s not a typo folks, it’s a lighter that’s almost the median cost of a home in the United States. Renowned S. T. Dupont partnered with Paris-based firm 2 Saints to create a replica of the Montgolfière balloon, the first hot air balloon to take flight. We’ve read it took around 3,000 hours to create the first version of the Montgolfière by S. T. Dupont, which was numbered 1 of 1 and priced at $326,000. Sometime later, S. T. Dupont created an additional 8 versions where the lighter isn’t cast from solid gold. They’re a mere bargain at $195K and some change. But, at that point, who’s counting 5gs.

A $7,500 ashtray to ash your cigars.

The Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai is among one of the most luxurious, prestigious hotels on the planet. A one night stay will run you at least four figures. Well, they’ve recently released an exclusive ashtray for the cost of $7,250. The ashtray itself is made of borosilicate glass and it’s inset with three fine diamonds. Each, a 0.15-karat diamond in G color with VVS 1 purity. 

A $150,000 dragon cigar cutter.

This eye-popping cigar cutter was designed by famed jeweler Jacob & Co. in an attempt to produce a series of high-end, customized cigar accessories. This one of one cutter was made entirely of 18K gold and weighs nearly half a pound. There are around 1,900 red rubies inset on the front and back, and a pearl at the head. The design is inspired by the Chinese legend of dragons chasing a flaming pearl. 

What’s your favorite from the list? Let us know in the comments!

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    (21 days ago)

    Definitely the dragon cutter gets my vote hands down! Amazing!