There are countless choices when it comes to lighting your premium cigar. From handheld lighters to multi-flame torches, the possibilities go on and on. However, in the eyes of many cigar smoking aficionados, wooden matches continue to remain the go-to if you’re looking for the purest way to light and smoke your cigars.

That’s why the Cigar World team has compiled some of the best rated and most reliable cigar matches that you can use for your cigars.

But, don't confuse these cigar matches with any run-of-the-mill paper matchbooks from your favorite restaurants or bars. No no no, these are all wooden for extra durability and are at least three to three-and-a-half inches long, so you’re not singeing your fingertips. Enjoy the best matches for cigars, they’re unmatched.

Benevolence LA - Decorative Cigar Matches

Chic and stylish, these cigar matches are durable and stand out on their own.

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Cave + Post Trading Company - Hound Cigar Matches

The extra length and great box design make them incredible matches for cigars.

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Cutting Edge Firewood - Cigar Matches

Some have said these cigar matches are unmatched. You be the judge.

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Cave + Post Trading Company - Hearth Cigar Matches

Much like the other Cave + Post matches, their design and durability is excellent.

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Top Shelf Cigar - Branded Cigar Matches

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Need some tips on lighting your cigar?

Take one from Macanudo’s Brand Ambassador, Laurel Tilley. She’ll teach you how to get a professional pre-light toast so you can have the best smoking experience, time after time.

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 Do you use matches to light cigars? Let us know!

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