If you needed an excuse to break out the grill (and let’s be honest, you don’t), then good news: May is National BBQ Month! Of course, every barbecue is enhanced by lawn games, cool drinks, and –– you guessed it –– fine cigars. Whether you’re planning to grill up a few burgers with your family or you’re hosting the barbecue event of the century, any of these cigars will make a fabulous addition to the occasion. 

Punch Diablo

A good BBQ is all about big, bold smoky flavors. And speaking of big, bold smoky flavors, the Punch Diablo is an ideal choice for any grilling session. This rich and spicy cigar is cloaked in an Ecuadorian Sumatra Oscuro wrapper, and it’s earned a spot on the Top-25 Cigar of the Year list from Cigar Aficionado. Plus, Punch Cigars did a whole video series with the pit masters at the world-famous Pappy’s Smokehouse. So pick up a few Diablos and check out the videos to bring your BBQ game to the next level. 

Camacho Scorpion Connecticut

Why is the Camacho Scorpion Connecticut a wise choice for anyone hosting a large BBQ event? Because it’s a crowd-pleaser, plain and simple. Easy to find, easy to enjoy, and approachable enough for beginners, a box (or two) of these Connecticut classics will instantly enhance your next grill-out. 

Diesel Whiskey Row

Everyone knows that BBQ and bourbon make an unforgettable combo. So why not BBQ and a cigar made in collaboration with Rabbit Hole Distillery? Diesel Whiskey Row is loaded with quality tobacco from Ecuador, Mexico, and Nicaragua, and it delivers plenty of oaky, spicy, and sweet tasting notes you’d associate with any good bourbon. 

My Father La Promesa

In the end, we just couldn’t exclude a cigar with hickory tasting notes from a BBQ list. My Father La Promesa has a lot going on, though. In addition to those hickory notes, you can also expect to pick up hints of pepper, leather, oak, and cream. Ornate, delicious, and wonderfully constructed, La Promesa may not be the most obvious BBQ cigar, but you could do a heck of a lot worse. 

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