Ah, the lounge: a cigar smoker’s natural habitat. Even the word “lounge” seems to carry an aurora of luxury and sophistication. Of course, smoking outdoors, on a patio, or at an event can be a rewarding experience. However, if you want to relax with a cigar in a traditional setting, you can’t beat a good lounge. Today, we’re counting down a few of the best luxury cigar lounges in the US. 


The Cohiba Experience at the Ritz-Carlton Bacara

Would you expect anything less from Cohiba than pure splendor? The newly opened Cohiba Experience at the Ritz-Carlton Bacara in Santa Barbara, California, offers visitors incredible views of the Pacific Ocean from a magnificent al fresco terrace. The 1,680-square-foot terrace is replete with comfortable seating and firepit tables — in addition to hand-painted murals and access to food and drinks from the ‘O’ Bar + Kitchen. Plus, Sean Williams, Cohiba’s Brand Ambassador, will hold exclusive cigar release parties and other special events from Bacara in the future.


The Preserve Club Rhode Island

Some cigar lounges are understated, even minimalistic. Not so for the Preserve Club in Rhode Island. This 3,500-acre behemoth features an 18-hole golf course, a fly-fishing pond, hiking trails, and a “Safari Tent Scotch & Cigar Tasting Experience.” No joke, this is a lounge to add to your bucket list ASAP. 

Club Macanudo New York

From the West Coast to the East, our second lounge is the classic Club Macanudo in New York City. The original Club Macanudo offers visitors an upscale social smoking experience with cigars, food, and drink menus tailored by industry connoisseurs. There’s a reason Club Macanudo has been a favorite of New York locals and travelers worldwide for the past 25 years, so check it out the next time you’re in the Big Apple. 

Churchill Bar Denver

Picture a cigar lounge in your mind: you probably envisioned wooden cabinet humidors, plush furniture, cozy carpets, elegant glassware, and 19th-century-inspired decor and wall art. If this is your idea of an ideal smoking destination (and it does sound lovely), then the Churchill Bar at the Brown Palace in Denver is a must-visit lounge. Old-school cool doesn’t even do it justice, and the humidor is enormous — in case you were worried about finding a cigar to suit your taste.

Empire Social Lounge Miami

Miami is rich in cigar heritage, so it’s no surprise that one of its most renowned cigar lounges makes this list. While you can’t go wrong with many spots in Little Havana, our favorite Miami cigar lounge is the Empire Social Lounge. Not only is this a fantastic place to enjoy a smoke, but their drink and cocktail selection is impeccable. 

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    Copacabanaomaha.net. Omaha Nebraska is a great place to smoke!

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    Smolders Cigar Emporium in St. Peter Minnesota

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    Ashton Cigar Bar. Philadelphia, PA