LALA land. Home to the Lakers, endless seas of traffic, and In-N-Out Burger. The stars flock here and the cool want to be there. When one thinks of LA, terms like Hollywood, legal pot, even sushi burritos pop into the mind. But, a cigar bar scene? Yep, LA has got that too.

If you find yourself traveling through LA, or if you’re an LA local, and you’re looking for somewhere to relax and enjoy a premium hand rolled cigar, the Cigar World team has put together 5 of the highest rated and most talked about cigars bars in LA. 

V Cut Cigar Lounge

Established in 1997, V Cut has been a beacon in LA for cigar minded business professionals, artists, and tourists alike. Just a hop off Melrose, you can find their amazing walk-in humidor that’s uniquely curated with hand rolled staples as well as gems from boutique brands. The prices are right, the atmosphere is on point and the crowd is always something to behold. 

The Cigar & Whiskey Bar

If you’re in LA and are looking for an utterly lavish cigar experience, then we’d suggest Cigar & Whiskey Bar. The second you step inside, the sweet aroma of malt and cedar fills the air. If the cigar selection of 1,000+ cigars from the Caribbean and Central America aren’t enough to lure you inside, the masterful selection of premium spirits and white glove experience just may.


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The King Cigar Lounge

Like a lot of things in LA, this cigar lounge located in the heart of Downtown is downright luxurious. It’s conveniently located just a few short blocks away from Staples Center and boasts a vast selection of top brands. So, if you find yourself ever wanting to pregame in style with a premium cigar, then don’t miss out on King.



Buena Vista Cigar Club

Located just off Santa Monica in Beverly Hills you’ll find Buena Vista. It’s a classy little cigar bar with a uniquely different rustic charm. Zero pretense. Quirky decor. Incredibly cigar selection and service. If you’re in LA and are looking for a truly eclectic cigar experience, Buena Vista is the spot for you.

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The Debonair Cigar Lounge

Nestled within Mid Wilshire, you’ll find the Debonair. This sprawling two floor location with lofted ceilings stocks some of the best cigars in the world. The goal was to create a cigar lounge that could rival something like the Grand Havana Room, but make it approachable to the public. To put it plainly, they’ve succeeded. 


Drop the details on your favorite LA Cigar Bar in the comments.

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