Nashville, Tennessee. The home of hot chicken and honky-tonks as far as the eye can see. But, if you look close enough, past the bachelor and bachelorette parties stumbling through the streets, you can find some incredible cigar bars. And the best part, they’re all nestled within a few mile radius. That’s why the Cigar World team has scoured Reddit, Yelp and Google. We’ve talked to our southern cigar pals. And we’re proud to present the 5 best cigar bars in Nashville. 

Best Nashville cigar bar #5: Casa de Montecristo

Casa de Montecristo is a premier, modern cigar bar that features a large selection of premium cigars and accessories. It’s dedicated to cigar smokers who enthusiastically enjoy premium cigars and desire to share that passion with others.

Cigar Selection: 8/10. As the name would suggest, Casa features a large selection of premium cigars and smoking accessories in their walk-in humidor. One trip there and you’re sure to have an extraordinary and relaxing smoking experience.

Atmosphere: 8/10. It’s a place that just flat out makes you feel like you’re at home. Even first timers may get the nostalgia that you’ve been there before. From live music to cigar schools, there’s always something going down at Casa.

Drinks. 7/10. Their drink selection isn’t second to none, but it’ll certainly please most if not all people looking to pair their cigar with something tasty. From beers to cocktails, you can definitely find what you’re looking for at Casa's bar.

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Best Nashville cigar bar #4: Bar: Cigar Especial

Just off the beaten path in Nashville, you’ll find Bar: Cigar Especial, a unique experience for cigar connoisseurs and novices alike. With a large selection of premium cigars, anyone and everyone is sure to find something to suit their tastes. 

Cigar Selection: 7/10. The cigar selection is ample, offering brands like Davidoff and Rocky Patel. There’s also a selection of self-service cigar accessories at each table so you can cut and light your own cigars.

Atmosphere: 9/10. It’s quaint, it’s cozy, it’s everything you need a cigar bar to be and nothing that you don’t. You’ll find locals as well as tourists puttering about as they puff away on premium cigars.

Drinks: 8/10. There’s an amazing selection of bourbon, scotch, rum, and whiskey to complement your cigar of choice. If a whiskey neat isn’t your style just ask one of the bartenders to create something special for you.

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Best Nashville cigar bar #3: Smokers Abbey

At Smokers Abbey, it shows from the second you enter, they’re incredibly passionate about tobacco. They carefully curate their humidors with the best small-batch, small company cigars the industry has to offer. Tobacco aside, this place just feels like home. It’s not just a lounge, it’s a community of cigar lovers that let good cigars lead to great conversation.

Cigar Selection: 9/10. A top notch cigar selection of boutique cigar brands. Anything from Drew Estate to Southern Draw.

Atmosphere: 9/10. It’s comfy, it’s cozy, but it’s also got some badass southern attitude to it. Skip a honky tonk or two, hit up this spot, and you’re sure to meet some new friends.

Drinks: 9/10. Pony up at the bar for a great selection of local and domestic beers to pair with your premium hand rolled cigar. 

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Best Nashville cigar bar #2: Red Phone Booth

Located in the heart of downtown Nashville, situated just off Broadway, is Red Phone Booth. It’s an elegant lounge offering a step back in time for any cigar newbie or connoisseur. But, RPD is anything but just a cigar bar. Their concept features traditional craft cocktails, cigars and pizza, all bundled up in a 1920’s speakeasy atmosphere.

Cigar Selection: 8/10. In developing their humidor selection of 100+ labels, Red Phone Booth prioritized the quality and desirability of the cigars over the quantity of any one brand, therefore there’s always something new and fresh to try.

Atmosphere: 10/10. From the restored original brick and reclaimed tobacco barn wood floors, to the custom Italian leather couches and hand-painted ceiling, Red Phone Booth spares no expense to deliver you the most premium cigar bar experience. 

Drinks: 10/10. If it exists, especially within the whiskey realm, RPB probably has it. Whiskey connoisseurs looking for fine cocktails can stop their search, offering over 180 whiskeys with an extensive selection of rare bourbon, scotch and Japanese whisky selections.

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Best Nashville cigar bar #1: Blend Bar With Davidoff Cigars

Blend Bar with Davidoff Cigars is an internationally recognized upscale cigar and bourbon bar. At night, it’s a trendy, sophisticated nightspot where you can enjoy old friends while making new ones. During the day, it’s the perfect meeting place to close an important business deal or entertain a client.

Cigar Selection: 10/10. Their cigar selection is second to none, and the walk-in humidor is one of the largest in the United States, offering a wide selection of premium cigars and cigarillos. 

Atmosphere: 10/10. No expense was spared when designing the custom interior and leather seating. Like Davidoff Cigars, they take elegance and class seriously, and when you visit any of their locations you’ll have a tailor-made, custom experience exactly to your liking.

Drinks: 10/10. The bar is second to none. As you sit at the 40-foot long, hue-changing, onyx bar, you can enjoy premium wines, beers, and spirits. Their variety ensures something for every taste, and the staff can help you pair the perfect cigar with your drink of choice.

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What’s your favorite cigar bar in Nashville? Let us know in the comments!

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    (3 months ago)

    I thought Red Phone Booth was membership only?

    Is Blend Bar membership only?

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      (3 months ago)

      I don't think so. The Blend in Indianapolis is not.