The 3 best cigar bars in Dallas

Dallas, Texas. What’s more to say, it’s a unique blend of elaborate history and modern flair coming together to create a city that’s truly groundbreaking. Fom Klyde Warren Park to the Design District to the Stockyards, you’ll never run out of things to do. Especially, if you’re looking to enjoy a premium cigar or two. 

This southern metropolis offers some of the best and most unique cigar bars compared to any city in the country. That’s why our latest blog explores three of the best reviewed cigar bars in Dallas. So, grab some pals and cigars, lace up those cowboy boots, and put on a Bolo tie because Dallas awaits! Do note, cowboy boots and Bolo ties are not required.

Best Dallas cigar bar #3: The Smoking Jacket 

Coming in at number three on the best cigars bars in Dallas list, you’ll find Smoking Jacket. About 20 minutes south of downtown, it’s an upscale spot that’s offering a solid array of premium cigars and even greater vibes.

Cigar selection: 6/10. 

Certainly not the largest selection of cigars among the Dallas cigar bars, but they certainly have some staples within the industry. Also, if you have your favorite sticks already, feel free to bring and smoke them for a $10.00 cutting fee.

Atmosphere: 7/10.

Smoking Jacket is relaxing and cozy, well, just like a smoking jacket. There’s tons of comfortable seating as well as numerous TVs so you can unwind with a great cigar, and have great conversations with Dallas cigar people. 

Drinks: 7/10. 

It’s BYOB, so anyone who likes bringing their own beverages will absolutely love this. However, if you’re more prone to having a full bar and dedicated bartender to whip up cocktails with your cigar, Smoking Jacket may not be the stogie spot for you. 

Best Dallas cigar bar #2: Renegade Cigars

Coming in at number two on the best cigar bars in Dallas is Renegade Cigars. This mecca for cigar lovers is all about two things, comfort and quality, and it certainly shows from the second you walk through the door.

Cigar selection: 8/10.

At Renegade, you will find one of the largest humidors in the Dallas area, and within it, you’ll find the best selection of the most popular brands that you may not be able to find anywhere else. 

Atmosphere: 8/10.

Enjoy a 4,000 square foot lounge full of comfy leather seating, a fantastic ventilation system, HD TV’s, and really fast Wifi. Some have said you will not find a better lounge anywhere in the Dallas area. I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Drinks: 7/10.

While cigars are certainly the main area of focus at Renegade, the beverage options are kind of fun. You have the choice of BYOB or there’s a great bar next door that you can order a drink from and pair that with your stogie of choice.

Best Dallas cigar bar #1: The Boardroom

Coming in at the top spot for the best reviewed cigar bars in Dallas, you’ll find the Boardroom. Located on the southside of Fort Worth, it’s an uscale, modern spot that boasts a speakeasy vibe and is perfect for any cigar aficionado or first time smoker.

Cigar selection: 9/10.

Their lounge offers a walk-in humidor sporting an impressive range of well-known cigar brands and a diverse selection of premium labels. If you find yourself in analysis paralysis, don’t fret, their in-house cigar ambassadors will help you find the perfect cigar for your pallet.

Atmosphere: 9/10.

Whether you’re looking for a late night cocktail and cigar with a significant other, looking to network with clients, or a relaxing day with some cigar pals, the Boardroom is your one stop cigar bar. It’s anything but pretentious, while still providing an upscale experience.

Drinks: 9/10.

If you’re in the mood for the perfect drink to pair with your cigar, the Boardroom’s bar selection certainly doesn’t disappoint. The spirit fans will have a robust selection of whiskies and scotches and your beer fans will find a modest selection of bottled beers. There’s something for everyone.

What’s your favorite cigar bar in Dallas? Let us know in the comments!

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