The Best Bigger Cigars for the Summer

Long summer evenings cry out for big, delicious cigars. Whether you’re out camping, hanging with friends, or just chilling on your back porch, these plus-sized cigars will supply you with at least 90 minutes of solid enjoyment. 

Here are five of our favorites for summer 2024:

La Gloria Cubana Serie S Presidente 7 X 56

Once upon a time, La Gloria Cubana pioneered larger ring-gauge cigars before they had become fashionable in the industry. And while the Serie S Presidente is “only” a 56 gauge, it’s still plenty hefty enough for any celebration. This medium-full smoke has a Mexican San Andrés wrapper and delightful tasting notes of sweetness, earthiness, and light spice.


Camacho Connecticut Churchill 7 X 48

Looking for a classic milder smoke for a big occasion? Look no further than the Camacho Connecticut. With tasting notes of cream and woody nuttiness, the Camacho Connecticut Churchill provides a fantastic smoking experience for lovers of modern Connecticut-shade-wrapped cigars. 


Ashton Heritage Puro Sol Churchill 6.75 X 48

While technically the smallest cigar on this list, the Ashton Heritage Puro Sol Churchill doesn’t lack flavor — or accolades. Rated 95 by Cigar Aficionado, the Heritage Puro Sol features an Ecuadorian wrapper with a complex flavor profile and excellent construction. 


CAO Flathead Resonator 8 X 60

If you love CAO Flathead — and what’s not to love? — then you owe it to yourself to check out one of the larger frontmarks in the Flathead lineup, like the V770 Big Block or the 8 X 60 Resonator. Built with the same critically acclaimed blend of the original Flathead, CAO Flathead Resonator is the perfect cigar for unwinding when time isn’t a factor. 


JFR Lunatic Belicoso Maduro 10 X 100

All right, let’s get silly. Over the years, different cigar brands have unveiled truly massive cigars, but none are quite as striking as the gargantuan JFR Lunatic Belicoso Maduro 10 X 100. These behemoths are only sold in individual coffins, and while we’re not sure how long it would take to smoke one, we’d advise you to clear your calendar before you light up!


What big cigar are you most looking forward to trying this summer? Sign up for Cigar World and let us know with a comment!



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