We’ve already broken down the 15 Best Humidors for Home and Travel, so let’s take some time and go over all the must-have humidor accessories you need - and some things too cool not to have.

Whether you’ve got a humble 10 cigar collection or you’ve got to put an addition on your house to contain all of your cabinet humidors, we’ll break down everything you need to keep your collection looking and smoking perfectly.

So what accessories do you need? Well, it all depends on the size of your humidor, and more importantly, how many cigars are inside.

The Must-Have Cigar Humidor Accessories

There are two basic needs you’ll need to fulfill with your humidor accessories, no matter the size:

  1. Humidifying your collection.
  2. Monitoring the temperature and humidity levels to keep everything in the ideal range.

We will break down your best bets for meeting both of these needs and throw in one more must-have accessory for small, medium and large cigar collections.

Small Collections (1-25 Cigars)

If you’ve got cigars in anything from a ziplock bag (yikes - upgrade) to a desktop humidor, here are three must-have accessories for your stogie set-up.

  1. Boveda 2-Way Humidity Pack
    We love Boveda as a company, and you’re going to see a few more products from them throughout the blog. At an unbeatable price, a Boveda pack will absorb or release humidity to keep your stogies at the optimal humidity level. Less than $5 for a minimum of 2 months at the perfect humidity. Do it now and thank us later.

  2. Small Digital Hygrometer

    Analog hygrometers look cool, but they are not known for their long-term accuracy. Spend ten bucks and keep an eye on your budding cigar collection with a small digital hygrometer.

  3. Personalization

    At this point, you are a bonafide member of the cigar community. Consider personalizing your set-up with a custom humidor or stickers and patches from your favorite brands.

Medium Collections (large desktop humidors - small cabinet humidors)

If you’ve got north of 50 cigars, your needs are going to change a little bit. Here are three accessories you’ve got to have for your medium-size collection.

  1. Boveda 320 Humidification Pack

    A bigger humidification pack for a larger collection. You could also start to consider electronic gel humidification solutions, but the simplicity of the Boveda packs has still won us over.

  2. Highly Accurate Mountable Hygrometer

    Now that your collection is growing, you’re going to need a digital hygrometer that is accurate within +/- 1%. We’ve already written a blog on the best ways to store your cigars, but remember you’re always shooting for around 70 degrees (Fahrenheit) and 70% humidity. Mount this stylish hygrometer to the inside of your humidor and check with confidence.

  3. Cigar Dossier

    If you’ve got a medium-sized cigar collection, there’s no doubt you’re really getting into the hobby. It’s time to invest in a cigar journal to keep near your humidor. How’s it work? Keep a log of what’s in stock and write a quick 3-4 sentence review of some of your favorite stogies to consult for those days you just can’t decide which cigar to fire up.

Large Collection (large cabinet humidors and tupperdores)

We won’t stroke your ego, but if you’ve got this many cigars, you probably already have some recommended items of your own for stogie upkeep. We’ll list our recommendations, but we’d love for you to leave yours in the comments below.

  1. Cigar Oasis Magna 3.0

    Personally, we don’t love the electronic humidor route only because they require a lot of upkeep. However, if you’ve got a large cabinet humidor, that upkeep is required to keep what is undoubtedly thousands of dollars worth of cigars in tip-top shape. Cigar Oasis is a trusted brand, and the Magna 3.0 comes with an integrated hygrometer.


    Boveda 320 For Airtight Humidors

    One of the latest offerings from Boveda, pick up their tupperdore solution for your giant tote of delicious stogies. If you go this route, you will definitely need the next accessory.

  2. Xikar Purotemp Wireless Hygrometer System

    The future is now! If you want to keep an eye on your humidor or tupperdore from a distance, you’re going to need the wireless hygrometer from industry legends - Xikar. Simply pair both pieces together; leave one in your humidor and the other in a spot you can keep an eye on it. Simple as that.

  3. Unicorn Find: Boveda Butler

    The Butler system by Boveda allowed you to keep an eye on your collection from a handy mobile app. You could set up alerts and preferred temperature and humidification settings, but sadly, they discontinued production of the system in early 2021. If you can find a Boveda Butler at your local brick-and-mortar or an online store, we highly recommend it, but you won’t be able to buy it from them any longer.

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Have humidor must-haves we missed?

If you’ve got a humidor solution, accessory or tip you think everyone else should try out, spread the love by sharing your knowledge in the comments below or check out our blog 15 Best Humidors for Home and Travel.

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  • Member Avatar
    (2 years ago)

    This isn't an accessory but it is imperative that you season it well and season it correctly. A humidor is useless if it's hard to maintain. Either too wet or too dry, even worse if it's leaking because of improper seasoning.

  • Member Avatar
    (2 years ago)

    Love the old school cedar box with natural distilled water...Bovida makes it a whole lot easy, and does the work for you. But if this is a hobby and you are deep into your sticks, trust you will be on top of all your investments, and you will be at that box making sure it's right at all times, I do like that digital hygrometer, to replace my analog...but that analog gives it that sexy look....I'm not sure about stickers on my box....I like the solid cherry wood finish...gives it that distinguished gentleman look....good info, thanks for the reminders, and to all those new to this....this is a great list...jump on it!!!

    • Member Avatar
      (2 years ago)

      **Here is the link. I've ordered twice and am happy with it. **https://www.ebay.com/itm/2x10-Inch-Spanish-Cedar-Humidor-Grates-And-1x10-Spacers-/274222704209?_ul=IN

  • Member Avatar
    (2 years ago)

    A big plus for any cigar storage are airflow racks for the bottom. Made of Spanish cedar, they come in various lengths/widths and sit about 1/4" off bottom. Very reasonable, and found on Ebay.

    • Member Avatar
      (2 years ago)

      Could you post a link??

  • Member Avatar
    (2 years ago)

    "stickers and patches from your favorite brands." ??? Have never seen these.

  • Member Avatar
    (2 years ago)

    Looking for a good replacement for the Boveda Butler? I've been using a similar setup from Govee and it works phenomenally well. Pretty sure I did a review on here about it too.

    Just make sure to buy the wifi version, and not the Bluetooth.

    Model #H5179