There’s no question, one of the greatest pastimes to enjoy with a premium cigar is golf, especially since the onset of COVID. And one of the best parts about golf (other than cigars of course) are the golf clubs. Those beautiful works of art and engineering. Even if you’re not a golf club gearhead like myself, it’s quite difficult to catch a glimpse and not raise an eyebrow.

But, with more club manufacturers in the game producing at least one driver a year, it can be quite difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest, even if you’re really deep in the golf scene.

That’s why the Cigar World team has started our very own golf club review series, and we’re kicking it off with one of the most talked about drivers in the last couple months. The TaylorMade Stealth.

Before you ask yourself, “who is this person, and how are they qualified to review a golf club,” I’ll tell you a bit about me. I’m an ex collegiate golfer, and a lifetime ago, before my 9-5 gig was writing, I was a professional club fitter and club builder at Roger Dunn Golf Shops in the LA area. So, when I say I’ve hit it all and seen it all, not kidding. 

Okay, that’s enough of me. Let’s get into the Stealth review.

What’s in my bag now.

This gamer of mine has withstood the test of time. All the specs are below.

HEAD: Callaway Big Bertha ‘14

LOFT: 10.5 

SHAFT: Aldila Rogue Max 110

FLEX: X-Stiff


The Stealth setup.

I wanted to try to get as close as possible to the setup I’ve been used to over the years so I could get the most apples to apples comparison with my driver. But, after hitting 3 different Stealth head and shaft combinations, I’ve listed the best performing and best feeling below. 

HEAD: Stealth (not the plus)

LOFT: 10.5

SHAFT: Mitsubishi Diamana ZF

FLEX: Stiff


As you can see, I was able to go down 10 grams in weight and an entire shaft flex to stiff.

The results.

After about 10 swings with each driver, I’ve eliminated any serious mishits that would really skew the metrics. We had 7 swings to compare against each other. The numbers below are the Stealth compared to my Callaway Big Bertha.


  • Average of 5 mph faster.
  • 112 mph with my driver.
  • 117 mph with the Stealth.


  • Average of 1 degree higher launch angle.


  • Average of 500 rpms less spin. 
  • 2900 rpms average with my driver.
  • 2400 rpms average with the Stealth.


  • Average of 290 total yards with my driver. 
  • Average of 304 yards with the Stealth. 
  • This includes carry and roll.

My two cents.

It’s a great freaking stick. Literally every metric improved. I mean, most people would sacrifice their right arm for 14 yards, no matter where that ball was going.

However, I gotta speak up about the design, color, feel and sound. Those are all the non-performance based things that I just wasn’t in love with. And because of that, I’m going to stick with what I got and save that $600 bucks for greens fees or SWAG headcovers.

But, if you’re in the market for a new driver, do not pass up the Stealth!

I’d almost guarantee you’d see gains over anything 3 years and older, you just gotta love the look and the feel. At the end of the day, that’s all subjective.

Seems to be working for Scottie Scheffler.

Get the perfect cigar to match the Stealth.

The Stealth is without a doubt one of the bolder, spicier looking drivers that’s come to market in the last few years. So, we thought we’d provide a premium cigar suggestion that’s just as bold and spicy. 

If you’re in the market for a new cigar to enjoy out on the golf course, or anywhere really, then don’t miss out on the Macanudo Inspirado Orange.  

Unmatched in strength and refinement (much like the Stealth), Inspirado Orange comes draped in a Honduran wrapper. Tucked inside, you'll find a blend of tobaccos from Honduras, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Inspirado Orange delivers a creamy smoke with subtle spice a balance of sophistication and approachability create a smoking experience that’s as smooth as Morikawa’s golf swing.

What driver are you playing? Let us know in the comments!

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    (5 months ago)

    I’m gaming the Srixon Z565 driver 10.5 degree Reg shaft from 2017! It’s very forgiving which benefits me a lot! Goes well with any cigar 😂