Step aside, fellas. This blog is about some of our favorite, famous cigar aficionadas –– both past and present. You’ve probably heard of just about all of these women, but you may not have known about their propensity to indulge in a fine cigar. (At least from time to time.) Well, enough preamble. Let’s get to the most famous women who smoke cigars!

Raquel Welch

It seems fitting to start our list with the recently-departed acting legend Raquel Welch. Welch was one of the most iconic actresses of the 20th century for her appearances in films like 1 Million Years B.C. and Fantastic Voyage. However, Welch was also a multi-faceted professional who played various roles over her career, and, of course, she enjoyed a premium cigar or two along the way. She also gave one of the best Cigar Aficionado interviews –– at least in our humble opinion.


Photo credit: Raquel Welch Instagram

Whoopi Goldberg

While some celebrities may hold a passing interest in cigars, Whoopi Goldberg is a true cigar connoisseur –– through and through. The star of such films as The Color Purple and, more recently, co-host of the TV show, The View, Goldberg has been puffing on quality stogies since the early 1990s. Though she typically prefers smaller cigars, she’s also been known to partake in a bigger front mark occasionally. 

Photo credit: Whoopi Goldberg Instagram

Demi Moore

Speaking of big 90s stars who love cigars, Demi Moore is also an established cigar fan from back in the day. Though it’s been a minute since she graced the cover of Cigar Aficionado, we still consider Moore an aficionada in our book. 

Photo credit: Demi Moore Instagram

Marlene Dietrich

You could say that Marlene Dietrich had an independent streak. Not only did she flaunt convention by wearing men’s clothes, smoking cigars, and carrying on numerous affairs, but she was also one of the most successful actresses of the first half of the 20th century. 


We’ve covered Rihanna on a few occasions here at Cigar World, and for good reason! The supremely talented cross-media superstar has long been a fan of excellent smokes, and any time we get to talk about the best women in the cigar community, she has to be in the conversation.

Photo Credit: Rihanna Instagram

There’s no way we could’ve covered all the great cigar aficionadas out there, so we’ll have to call it quits here. Who’s your favorite cigar-smoking celebrity of all time? Sign up for Cigar World, and then tell us with a comment below!

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