Today is the 5th of May, better known as Cinco de Mayo! Fact: Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence Day (that is September 16th). The history behind this day is to celebrate Mexico’s victory in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. The conflict was due to Mexico’s President, Benito Juarez, refusing to pay France for outstanding debt they, so Napoleon III sent troops to invade Mexico. Unfortunately, the victory was short lived, and the French were not expelled from Mexico until 1867, but this successful battle did reinvigorate the soldiers. 

This holiday is rarely celebrated south of the US border, other than in the city of Puebla, but north of the border, the tradition is to imbibe in some delicious Mexican fare, including but not limited to some tasty tequila shooters! 

We wanted to give you our top five list of tequilas that are not only great for a Cinco de Mayo cocktail but will also pair well with a cigar.  When looking to pair a cigar with tequila, you want to take into consideration that both tequila and cigars can have an overpowering flavor, so you want to make sure to pair a milder cigar with a stronger tequila or vice versa.

Teremana Resposado or Anejo

This small batch tequila brand belongs to Dwayne The Rock Johnson. The anejo has notes of rich, warm oak, vanilla and roasted agave where the reposado has notes of oak and vanilla with a smooth rich finish. Both tequilas are aged in American whiskey barrels which makes them perfect to pair with your favorite cigar.

Los Vecinos Del Campo Espadin Mezcal

While mezcal is a bit different than traditional tequila, this will blow you away. It has a 5-star recommendation from F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal and has won many awards in its category such as 2020 Gold Medal in International Spirits Challenge. This mezcal has a smoky, sultry sweetness that makes it a delight to sip neat or mix into your favorite cocktail.

Tears of Llorona

This extra anejo has nutty, spice and caramel tasting notes. It is made from a blend of scotch, sherry and brandy casks. Many whiskey and brandy lovers will reach for this option instead of their usual cognac. This small batch private stock starts with 100% pure Weber Agave Azul that is grown in the volcanic slopes of the Mexican highlands.

Casa Dragones Blanco

If you are more a margarita drinker, according to this is the best option for your Cinco de Mayo margarita. This tequila provides a unique balance of agave with hints of pepper and cloves. 

Prospero Blanco

This tequila is not only rich in aromas and bright tones but is a celebration of women; a spirit made with all women in mind. Stella Anguiano, a distinguished Master Distiller of 30 years, is the designer of this tequila known for the exquisite care taken throughout the production to ensure high quality. 

Ask your bartender if they have any of these tequilas on the shelf when you head out to celebrate your Cinco de Mayo, or better yet grab a bottle to keep at home so you can celebrate any day. Remember…drink in moderation!

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