Throughout the world of premium hand rolled cigars, there are seemingly countless flavor profiles or tasting notes that you can experience when smoking. Things like earthy, spicy, sweet, and floral, but today, we’re going to talk about one of my personal favorite tasting notes that’s found in a lot of mild-bodied cigars: nutty tasting notes.

What gives a cigar nutty tasting notes?

Keep in mind that picking up on nutty tasting notes means when you take a puff of your cigar, you are experiencing hints of a flavor similar to almonds, cashews, walnuts or chestnuts. Sometimes you may even taste things like hazelnuts, peanuts or pistachios.

That being said, taste is completely subjective, so what one smoker experiences versus another could be two completely different flavor profiles.

Nutty tasting notes are normally more common in mild to medium-bodied cigars, and can add a creaminess and richness to the smoking experience. This nutty creaminess is produced throughout the growing and harvesting process due to the tobacco having less exposure to the sun, therefore the tobacco retains a natural nuttiness when compared to tobacco that’s spent more time under the sun.

Nutty tasting notes work well with many other flavor profiles, so it’s no surprise if you also experience some additional tasting notes like cocoa, coffee and dried fruit when smoking a nutty cigar.

Are there infused cigars with nutty flavors?

Technically there are two types of nutty tasting notes found in cigars. You have premium hand rolled cigars that simply feature a hint of nuttiness in every puff. On the flip side, there’s infused cigars. These infused cigars will produce a literal nutty taste and smell due to the tobacco being cured or infused with an added element.

While some cigar gurus may pass on flavor infused cigars, do know there’s absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying these hand rolled and flavorful stogies.

Cigar World’s favorite infused cigars with nutty tasting notes

If you’re looking to learn more about some of the top-rated nutty infused cigars, check out the list below.

ACID 1400cc

A velvety combination of Nicaraguan tobaccos are bundled up in a Connecticut Shade wrapper to create a sensational smoking experience brimming with nutty tasting notes.
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ACID Deep Dish

A mellow to medium-bodied infused cigar that features Nicaraguan tobaccos that are cloaked in a peppery Sumatran wrapper to create a cigar that’s sweet, nutty, and rich.
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Cigar World’s top premium cigars with nutty tasting notes

If you’re looking for premium, hand rolled cigars that give subtle tasting notes of nuts as you experience the cigar, explore the list below.

Aging Room Quattro Connecticut

A medium-bodied cigar that boasts a naturally sweet, Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper that provides a creamy smoke featuring tasting notes of caramel, spice, and roasted nuts.
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Diesel Delirium

Full-bodied, bold, and visually beautiful, Delirium is a dizzying array of spices, creamy nougat, and nutty nuances that will drive you wild.
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Davidoff Grand Cru Series

A smooth, mellow to medium-bodied cigar that boasts a delectable blend of Dominican tobaccos that gives way to a bouquet of complex flavors that include spice and nuts.
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La Gloria Cubana Serie R Esteli

A full-flavored Nicaraguan puro that’s blended with ligero and viso tobaccos to provide a complex cigar that features notes of leather, coffee, and nuts.
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Liga Privada Unico Serie

Constructed from a Connecticut River Valley Maduro wrapper and a Brazilian Mata Fina binder, Unico Serie is a complex cigar that’s brimming with notes of pepper, cedar, and nuts.
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Partagas Black Label

A full-flavored combination of Nicaraguan and Dominican ligero tobaccos gives way to an unmistakable flavor that’s brimming with notes of rich earth and nuttiness.
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Check out all of Cigar World’s cigars that feature nutty tasting notes

The above list is just a few of our top-rated cigars from some of the top-rated brands. If you’re looking to check out more cigars with nutty tasting notes, explore that link below.

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It’s time to get nutty

We hope you enjoyed this piece over cigars with nutty tasting notes. If you have any amazing cigar suggestions for stogies that have a nutty profile when you puff, let us know below!

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