There are many great places to smoke a cigar. The beach. The golf course. Your own back patio. However, the classic cigar lounge is still the preferred choice of many aficionados — and for good reason. Many cigar lounges boast a fantastic selection, offer tasty cocktails, and, best of all in bad weather, protection from the elements! 

Today, we’re highlighting five excellent cigar lounges that are absolutely worth visiting in 2024 — check them out here!


Club Macanudo — Kuala Lumpur

You may have heard of the original Club Macanudo in New York City, but did you know there are Club Macanudos in Copenhagen and Kuala Lumpur as well? Should your travels take you to the capital of Malaysia, make it a point to stop at this sleek and modern cigar lounge located in the Shoppes at Four Seasons Place. 

Club Macanudo — Bossier City, Louisiana

Also, Club Macanudo is rapidly expanding this year, with new locations in Taipei, Taiwan, Jakarta, Indonesia, and their newly launched Bossier City, Louisiana. The new lounge marks the second Club Macanudo to open in the US. Stay tuned for more information to come on these new and exciting lounges! 

The Owl Shop — New Haven, Connecticut

Connecticut is a famous place in the tobacco industry, and one of the coolest and most eccentric cigar lounges in the world is located in New Haven! Initially opened in 1934 as a bookstore, the Owl Shop may not be the most eye-catching cigar lounge in the world, but it is a charming and historic cigar bar you won’t regret visiting. 

Helios Lounge — Las Vegas, Nevada

As far as we’re concerned, Helios has four things going for it. 

  1. A fantastic selection of cigars.
  2. Courteous staff.
  3. A relaxed, classic vibe.
  4. And it’s located within 15 minutes of the Las Vegas strip. 

‘Nuff said. 


Cohiba Ritz-Carlton Bacara — Santa Barbara, California

When you think of Cohiba, you probably think “luxury.” Unsurprisingly, the Ritz-Carlton Bacara Cohiba Experience Cigar Lounge is exactly as opulent, upscale, and fantastic as you might expect. We could go on about the breathtaking views and unparalleled accommodations, but if you can swing it, it’s really much more fun to experience firsthand. 


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  • Member Avatar
    (4 months ago)

    If you are a racing fan, you must stop by Horsepower Cigar Lounge in Uncassville, CT. Paul and Jun are great, very relaxing and well stocked with a great variety of cigars and they always have the newest releases.

  • Member Avatar
    (4 months ago)


    The 2nd most populated region/city in the 3rd most populated Region in Louisiana...Howzbowt Baton Rouge or FRIGGIN NEW ORLEANS...

    Who makes these decisions?

    • Member Avatar
      (4 months ago)

      I don't care about its location. It could be in my town and I wouldn't patronize it. Looks more like a nail salon. Light blue decor? White chairs? Bright, glaring sunlight streaming through the large windows? No thanks...

  • Member Avatar
    (4 months ago)

    Well if I could travel the world I’d be sure to hit these places. I love the Metropolitan Society located in Fairfield NJ. A very private club.