It’s true –– all the best things in life involve chocolate. Indeed, premium cigar tobacco can often impart chocolatey-tasting notes that delight new smokers and seasoned aficionados alike. Sure, you could shell out for a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Or, you could pick up any of these cigars with chocolate in their profiles instead: 

Cigars with chocolate in their profiles

Alec Bradley Magic Toast

Most, but not all, cigars that feature chocolate are full-bodied and on the darker side. While Alec Bradley Magic Toast isn’t a mild cigar, it is buttery, smooth, and chocolatey. Even if you typically prefer lighter cigars –– or you’re new to the hobby altogether –– Magic Toast is a quality option that still offers plenty of chocolatey goodness. 

El Rey Del Mundo Cafe Noir 

El Rey Del Mundo is a brand that can fly under the radar, but it really shouldn’t because it regularly produces excellent sticks like Cafe Noir. Cafe Noir is cloaked in a beautiful Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and delivers strong hints of chocolate, cedar, and spice. Consider pairing this with an espresso for a post-dinner treat!

Cohiba Black

Luxurious. Premium. Chocolatey. Cohiba Black is a Cadillac of a cigar –– big, powerful, and unforgettable. Cohiba Black features Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco as a wrapper and a binder over Dominican Piloto Cubano fillers. Enjoy this rich cigar with a dark ale or a bold cocktail. 

E.P. Carillo La Historia

La Historia by E.P. Carillo is one of the most acclaimed cigars of the past ten years –– and with good reason! This complex and delicious blend imparts hints of roasted nuts, espresso, and, as you might’ve guessed, dark chocolate. 

Infused Flavored Chocolate Cigars

Do you have a big craving for a chocolate-flavored cigar? Then you may want to try out an infused or artificially flavored cigar. In many cases, infused cigars include excellent tobacco combined with delectable flavors –– like chocolate. For instance, the M by Macanudo line has several cigars with chocolate overtones: Mint Chocolate, Espresso, and Espresso with Cream. 

Plus, for the adventurous smoker, there’s a new line of infused cigars called FLVR worth checking out. FLVR Space Ranger specifically contains mint-chocolate tasting notes. 

For a closer look at infused/flavored cigars, you can check out our blog here

We’d love to go on listing cigars with rich, chocolatey flavor profiles, but we have to call it quits here. Make sure to let us know about your favorite cigar with chocolate-tasting notes in the comments –– and sign up for Cigar World for more updates and articles about your favorite cigar brands!

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    I would add CAO Brazilia and BX3 to this list. Like smoking a chocolate bar!