Flavored cigars have a unique place in the cigar industry. While some may overlook or dismiss flavored cigars, the reality is that many infused cigars taste fantastic and perform exceptionally well too! Let’s get down to brass tacks and highlight some of the best flavored cigars on the market in 2023:

What are Flavored Cigars?

Before we get to our list, we should first define what we mean by “flavored” cigars. All cigars have flavor imparted from the tobacco inside them. However, flavored cigars are artificially altered or, in some instances, infused with flavor profiles not generally found in tobacco, such as cherry, honey, or Irish creme. These are the cigars we’re focusing on today. 

M by Macanudo

Perhaps it’s no surprise that one of the most recognizable names in the traditional cigar category, Macanudo, also produces some of the most beloved infused cigars. The M by Macanudo line features two coffee-inspired smokes, Coffee and Espresso with Cream, a cigar with Old-Fashioned tasting notes, M by Macanudo Bourbon, and three new cigars released in late 2022: Dark Rum, Mint Cocoa, and French Vanilla

CAO Flavours

CAO Flavours has a little something for everyone. Cherrybomb, Eileen’s Dream, and Gold Honey are all great cigars for aficionados with a taste for the sweet stuff! Plus, CAO Flavours has not one but two cigars with vanilla tasting notes: Bella Vanilla and Moontrance. 

ACID Cigars

Drew Estate boasts a few renowned lines of unconventional cigars –– none more recognizable than the ACID series. Though not technically “flavored”, ACID cigars are cured in aroma rooms to ensure they’re “infused” with certain flavors.  The ACID Blondie, in particular, is a fan favorite offered in six different wrapper varieties. 

Java by Drew Estate 

Java –– a dark, mocha-infused cigar –– is a collaboration between two major figures in the industry: Jonathan Drew (of Drew Estate) and Rocky Patel. Java is a tasty and layered smoke that’s been delighting cigar lovers for over 15 years –– so it must have something going for it!

Honorable Mentions

We’d love to showcase every quality flavored cigar out there, but the reality is that there are just too many for one article. Still, here are a few honorable mentions to keep in mind next time you wander over to the flavored cigar section:

  • Alta Gracia –– flavored cigarillos known for Irish whiskey and Irish cream flavors. 


  • FLVR –– one of the newest cigar brands, FLVR has a portfolio of 5 cigars with flavors like mint chocolate, rum and cola, and vanilla bean. The kicker? FLVR cigars also have some of the wildest names –– like Space Ranger, Yacht Rock, and Unicorn Tears –– you’re likely to see on any cigar shelf this year. 


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