Sweet cigars sure can hit the spot. They’re tasty, easily approachable for beginner smokers, and totally suitable for aficionados. While some brands like Macanudo or CAO have award-winning sweet cigars in their lineup, nearly every brand has a stogie in their portfolio that offers sweeter tasting notes.

What does sweet mean, really?

Many people assume that any sweet cigar is a flavored or infused cigar. We can talk more about those in a bit, but while this statement isn’t wrong, it doesn’t take into account the diversity of tobaccos, regions, and blends that can make a cigar’s profile sweet.

A sweet cigar can be somewhat subjective, but a good working definition is a cigar that has sweet tasting notes. These notes could be chocolate, vanilla, honey or creamy amongst many others. These cigars are definitely going to be considered sweet when compared to a cigar with tasting notes of leather, earth, or black pepper.

It is important to note that oftentimes, certain tobacco plants and certain primings can make a cigar be sweeter. For more on that, check out our blog on tobacco primings.

What’s the difference between sweet cigars vs. infused cigars?

There are cigars that have sweet tasting notes, but think of these like tasting notes in wine or beer. They don’t taste exactly like vanilla or cream, they just embody that flavor profile and give hints of those sweet flavors with every puff.

On the other hand, there are flavor-infused cigars, which have flavoring incorporated into a premium hand-rolled blend to taste exactly like whatever flavor the company is going for.

These flavors can be fruits, vanilla, chocolate, coffee or really almost any other that you can imagine. Even though a lot of cigar aficionados stick their nose up at flavored cigars, they are great for beginners and can offer even the most seasoned smoker a pleasant experience. Our personal favorite flavor-infused cigar is the Macanudo M Coffee because it has an incredible blend on top of being infused with coffee flavors.

What are some top-rated sweet cigars?

Macanudo Inspirado White

A sweet cigar that balances the rich nuances of a complex blend, the Inspirado White is a mellow to medium cigar with creamy notes.
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CAO Gold

Another mellow to medium blend with a sweet and nutty profile, the CAO Gold is adorned with an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and has earned multiple 90+ ratings.
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Cohiba Connecticut

A gorgeous and highly rated blend, Cohiba Connecticut’s Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper perfectly envelopes a nutty, creamy and highly rated blend.
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Hoyo La Amistad Gold

Proof that not all sweet cigars are mellow, this medium to full blend is blessed with tasting notes of fruit, cocoa and nuts.
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La Gloria Cubana Classic

A medium-bodied beauty with a gorgeous Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, this cigar received an unheard of 98 rating from Cigar Aficionado and boasts a flavor profile of rich molasses.
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The premier cigar from the legendary brand of the same name, the Partagás classic is a mellow to medium smoke with a gorgeous Cameroon wrapper. This unique growing region helps perfect the flavor profile which features sweet notes of cedar.
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Diesel Uncut d.CT

This medium-bodied cigar comes dressed in a creamy Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper that’s brimming with flavor and sweet complexity.
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These are just a handful of our favorite sweet cigars from highly-awarded brands, but there are lots more for you to discover on Cigar World.

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Give in to your sweet tooth

You’re now ready to rock with all of your knowledge on sweet cigars. If you have any insights to add or suggestions for other sweet cigars, let us know by leaving a comment below.

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