No Cinco de Mayo Celebration is complete without a quality cigar. And if you’re going to partake in a cigar on Cinco, you’d be well advised to go with a smoke that features tobacco from Mexico’s most famous growing region –– the San Andres Valley. 

In recent years, Mexican San Andres tobacco has become increasingly popular, and it often features as the binder or the wrapper on premium cigars. Here, we’ll provide a quick rundown of great cigars with Mexican San Andres tobacco that will be the perfect addition to any fiesta!

CAO Zócalo

When it comes to Mexican San Andres tobacco, no one does it better than CAO. CAO Zócalo serves as a fabulous introduction to San Andres tobacco –– featuring tasting notes of complex earthiness, subtle spice, and a light sweetness as well. If you’re only going to smoke one cigar on Cinco de Mayo, this would be a phenomenal pick.

CAO Zocalo header asset

CAO Flathead V21

Do you already love CAO Flathead? Do you want to try out San Andres tobacco for Cinco de Mayo? Then CAO Flathead V21 is just what you need in your humidor. This bold and flavorful cigar features ligero filler tobaccos and a Connecticut Broadleaf binder underneath a San Andres wrapper. 

Romeo San Andres

Romeo y Julieta is one of the most recognizable names in the cigar industry, and their San Andres cigar is a great option for anyone who loves a dark and toothy smoke. Plus, it was blended by A.J. Fernandez, which is always a good sign.

Camacho Triple Maduro

Camacho Triple Maduro

Generally speaking, cigars that prominently feature San Andres tobacco tend to be on the darker side. However, the Camacho Triple Maduro takes darkness to the next level by including Maduro tobacco at all three levels of construction. Of course, it also has a tasty San Andres wrapper that makes it a great candidate for a Cinco soiree. 

Rocky Patel Prohibition San Andres

Looking for something a little different? Then the Rocky Patel Prohibition San Andres is a solid choice –– particularly if you’re a fan of cedar, chocolate, or nutty tasting notes on your cigar. 

Did we miss your favorite San Andres cigar on our list? Let us know about your favorite Cinco de Mayo smoke in the comments.

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