Break out the bratwurst and the beer keg; it’s tailgate season again! Of course, cigars are a fabulous addition to any pre-game, tailgate, festival, or watch party. Not only do many cigars pair well with beer, but there’s no better way to celebrate a big win than by lighting up your favorite smoke. So let’s get to it — these are the best cigars for bringing to your next tailgate: 

Punch Golden Era

If you love beer, cigars, having a good time — or any combination of the three — then you have to check out Punch Cigars. Punch has recently partnered with the beer-rating giant Untappd, and Punch is also co-hosting a number of tailgate parties across the country this year. 

Their newest full-time offering, Golden Era, features authentic Corojo tobacco sourced from the Eiroa farm in Honduras. This silky-smooth smoke makes an excellent complement to beer and a mighty fine victory cigar. 

La Flor Dominicana Special Football Edition 

It’d be tough to make a list about tailgating cigars and NOT include one that looks like a literal football. And while the La Flor Dominicana Special Football Edition looks like a football — with a football “pigskin” design appearing within the wrapper — it’s also a quality smoke that non-tailgaters can enjoy as well. 

Joya de Nicaragua Silver

Finding a cigar that will please everyone at your tailgate — without breaking your budget — can be tricky. Thankfully, Joya de Nicaragua Silver delivers an excellent smoking experience, and you can pick up a box of 20 for just a shade over $100 (in the Corona frontmark). While this is a dynamite smoke in its own right, it’s an excellent option for sharing with a large group because of its reasonable price point and welcoming flavor profile. 

Macanudo Inspirado Orange — Cigarillos

Let’s face it: some tailgates and outdoor events can get real cold, real fast. If you’ve only got time for a short smoke, you might as well make it a good one. Enter, Macanudo Inspirado Orange Cigarillos. It’s not every day you see a Cigar Aficionado Top #25 cigar offered in this convenient petite size, so take advantage of it next time your tailgate feels like an afternoon on the frozen tundra. 

Not only are these cigars perfect for a tailgate, but they’re great options for any outdoor event like parties, weddings, and festivals — like WhiskyX, for instance! So keep this list handy the next time you have a big cigar event on the calendar. 

What’s your favorite cigar for a concert, festival, or tailgate? Sign up for Cigar World and let us know with a comment below!

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