We can see the scene playing in our heads like a movie on repeat. You pick up a brand new cigar, maybe you’ve had the pleasure of smoking it before, maybe not. You grab your standard cigar cutter that you’ve had for years, and guess what, you completely butcher it. The cut isn’t clean, you may have pinched your finger, maybe you’ve unraveled the wrap, and the filler is now anything but in unison. Absolute cigar cutter fail. 

Let’s get one thing straight, no one at Cigar World wants that scene to play in our heads anymore. That’s why we’ve scoured the internet and found the 10 best cigar cutters for any budget. 

So, no matter if you’re looking for a simple cigar cutter or a lavish tabletop cigar cutter, we’ve got the cigar cutter that’s going to give you the perfect cut, in a price point that suits your budget. Avoid all cutter fails from now on with one of the best 10 cigar cutters to fit any budget.

Cigar Cutter #10: Colibri V-Cut Cigar Cutter

This classic V-shaped cigar cutter from Colibri is a must for any cigar beginner or cigar aficionado. It’s durable, slim construction and spring-loaded action allows for a deep, even cut for those tougher 60+ ring gauges or even for torpedo cigars. So, if you’re looking for a simple, unassuming cigar cutter that always gets the job done, look no further than Colibri.

Price: $39.00 + Free Shipping

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Cigar Cutter #9: Camlinbo 2-in-1 Cigar Cutter & Punch

The stainless steel, 2-in-1 cigar cutter and cigar punch from Camlinbo had to make its way onto our top ten list, for many many reasons. If you’re in the market for a functional and stylish piece that’s incredibly pocket-friendly, you may have met your match. The retractable cigar punch also provides an excellent addition for those of us who like to punch vs. cut.

Price: $29.99 + Free Shipping

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Cigar Cutter #8: Scissor Cigar Cutter from Teshiuck

If you’re in the market for a reliable and unique cigar cutter, look no further than this scissor shaped cigar cutter from Teshiuck. It utilizes a guillotine, double-edged blade to provide a clean and consistent cut for your cigar no matter the size or shape, and it's luxurious, brushed, stainless steel construction provides incredible durability while providing a clean aesthetic.

Price: $9.99 + Shipping

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Cigar Cutter #7: Mesa Uno Guillotine Cigar Cutter

This gorgeous, cherry wood guillotine cigar cutter from Mesa Uno is one of the more show-stopping, functional cigar cutters at an unbeatable price. It features a surgical-grade stainless steel cutter that provides a perfect cut, every time. Plus, the deep, pull-out drawer is there to catch any cigar waste always allowing for easy clean up.

Price: 34.99 + Shipping

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Cigar Cutter #6: EWT 4-in-1 Table Top Cigar Cutter

This tabletop cigar cutter from EWT is everything that a tabletop cigar cutter should be. With four cutting slots, you’ll receive a wide array of cut options for multiple ring gauges. Its metal cast alloy body presents the perfect combination of elegance and durability, and is sure to be the perfect addition to any smoking room. Check out this beast, you won’t regret it.

Price: $49.99 + Free Shipping

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Cigar Cutter #5:  Galiner Double Blade Cigar Cutter 

This unique zebra wood cigar cutter from Galiner is one of our favorite pocket-sized cigar cutters on the market. Its double, stainless steel blades produce a perfect cut, time and time again. But, what really sets it apart is the spring-loaded locking mechanism. It provides the ultimate amount of peace of mind, knowing those blades will always stay closed. If you’re looking for a simple, unassuming cigar cutter, breathe easy, cause your search could be over.

Price: $9.99 + Shipping

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Cigar Cutter #4: Kukri Cigar Cutter from Visol Caseti

If sleek and stylish are two words you're looking for in a pocket-sized cutter, you may want to consider this Kukri style cutter from Caseti. Its double, stainless steel blades consistently produce a quality cut on cigars up to 52 ring gauges. In addition, the patented push-release locking mechanism provides maximum safety when in your pocket, while creating one exciting fidget factor that we couldn’t seem to stop messing with. Do yourself a favor and check this beauty out.

Price: $49.97 + Free Shipping

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Cigar Cutter #3: Ox Horn Cigar Cutter from Coltellerie Berti

If you’re looking for a unique and functional cigar cutter, and if price isn’t a factor for your decision, then we’d highly suggest this hand made, full tang, folding cigar cutter from Coltellerie Berti. Every show-stopping Ox handle blade is skillfully crafted from start to finish by the same Italian artisan, and it’s small and unassuming size makes it perfect for use at home or on-the-go.

Price: $261.00 + Free Shipping

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Cigar Cutter #2: Brouk & CO. Carbon Fiber Table Cigar Cutter

If you’re looking to add a hint of sophistication and style to your cigar accessory arsenal, then you may have found your match with this tabletop cigar cutter from Brouk & Co. Its carbon fiber body gives the perfect combination of style and durability, and its guillotine-style cutter produces a clean and consistent cut for multiple cigar shapes and frontmarks. 

Price: $240.00 + Shipping

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Cigar Cutter #1: Wood-base Coltellerie Berti Cutter

Without a doubt, the number one cigar cutter on our list is this handmade Italian beauty from Coltellerie Berti. This functional and show-stopping table top cigar cutter is sure to add a sense of elegance and sophistication to any smoking room, no matter if you’re a cigar beginner or cigar aficionado. Every piece is handmade by the same Italian bladesmith, and it’s sure to produce a beautifully clean cut time and time again. If money is no option, it’s a must.

Price: $450.00 + Free Shipping

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Now take your Cigar above the cut.

From everyone at Cigar World, we hope this article has helped you narrow your search for the perfect cigar cutter for your life. With all the amazing products out there, a few may have slipped off our top 10 list, so if there’s any we gotta know about, let us hear about them in the comments.

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    (20 months ago)

    I would add the Perfect Cutter by Cuban Crafters.

    • Member Avatar og

      Deputy Mayor of CW

      (20 months ago)

      I’ve had a dual-blade full metal Cuban Crafters cutter for years. Lightweight, sharp it’s always cut perfectly. And they were awesome when I had to return one when a screw came out. Their lifetime guarantee kicked in, and they sent me a brand new cutter for free.

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    (20 months ago)

    The wood base Coltellerie Berti must be what dreams are made of.