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During the Golden era of cigars, the Corojo wrapper leaf was prized for its silky, oily wrapper and its unique spice. Corojo leaf remained the wrapper of choice for premium cigars until Corojo was resigned to the history books .... or so you thought. Take a journey back to the Golden Era of cigar making when cigars were wrapped in beautiful, golden Corojo leaf. Like Punch Cigars, the Golden Era Havana Corojo wrapper seed found a new home in Honduras. This rare tobacco has been carefully cultivated by the Eiroa family on 650 acres since 1997. As a result of years of careful cultivation, Punch is able to present to you an expertly crafted cigar, hand made with authentic Corojo leaf in all three components: Wrapper, Binder and Filler. The Golden Era is a balanced and flavorful cigar without being overpowering. Punch Golden Era: Authentic and unadulterated.


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