I was reading a fact the other day that in the U.S., people who drink coffee normally consume over 1,000 cups every year. 1,000 + cups. To say that’s a lot would be quite the understatement. Now, seeing as one of the main reasons we smoke cigars is due to the flavor, the fact that a growing number of cigar smokers are running to their local tobacco shop to buy and smoke cigars that feature coffee tasting notes shouldn’t surprise anyone.

There are technically two types of cigars that feature coffee-based flavors:

  • Premium hand rolled cigars that give hints or tasting notes of coffee
  • Coffee-infused cigars that produce bold, coffee-based flavors

Since every cigar smoker has their own personal taste preference, I’m not going to steer you in a given direction, that’s on you to decide what you enjoy and what you don’t. 

But, if you’re interested in exploring the delicious world of cigars with coffee tasting notes, we’ve decided to spotlight some of Cigar World’s most prominent hand rolled cigars and coffee-infused cigars.

What’s the difference between coffee-infused cigars and cigars with coffee tasting notes?

An important thing to understand is, there’s a huge difference. Not only in how the cigar is made, but in the taste characteristics as well.

There are premium cigars that feature coffee tasting notes, but think of these like tasting notes found in a beverage. They’re subtle, not necessarily tasting exactly like a dark roast, a blond roast or an espresso. But instead, they embody that flavor profile and give hints of those flavors with every puff.

On the flipside, there are coffee-infused cigars. These have coffee flavoring incorporated into a premium hand-rolled blend to taste exactly like whatever roast the company is going for. These flavors can be focused on black coffee, coffee with cream, or even a latte or espresso, really anything that you can imagine.

Even though a lot of cigar aficionados may tend to snicker at flavored or infused cigars, they really are great for beginners, and can even offer the most seasoned cigar smoker a pleasant and memorable experience.

Cigar World’s top coffee-infused cigars

If you’re looking to learn more about some of the top-rated coffee-infused cigars, check out the list below.

Rocky Patel Java Latte by Drew Estate

An incredibly-smooth, mellow to medium-bodied cigar that’s infused with gourmet mocha. It comes dressed in a silky Ecuadoran Connecticut Shade wrapper that drapes a blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos to create notes of rich java-awesomeness with a creamy finish.
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M Coffee by Macanudo

A silky, medium-bodied cigar featuring notes of cedar, earth and spice are intertwined with hints of gourmet coffee for a creamy cigar that smokes like the best café con leche you've ever tasted.
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Isla Del Sol

A mellow to medium-bodied cigar that thoughtfully combines a deliciously-rich blend of aged Nicaraguan tobaccos infused with the enticing nuances of Sumatran Mandheling Bean Coffee, and finished with a delightfully sweetened cap.
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Cigar World’s top premium, hand rolled cigars with coffee tasting notes

If you’re looking for premium, hand rolled cigars that give subtle tasting notes of coffee as you experience the cigar, explore the list below.

CAO Steelhorse

A medium to full-bodied cigar with easy-smoking notes of leather, spice and coffee make it a perfect cigar for any slow ride or a leisurely pit stop.
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Davidoff 702

A medium-bodied cigar that boasts a unique combination of Ecuadoran Habano and Dominican tobaccos, giving way to flavorful notes of coffee, spice, and bittersweet dark chocolate.
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Diesel Unlimited Maduro

Flavorful, feisty, and expertly-crafted, this full-bodied cigar is sure to take your senses on a bold journey through notes of coffee and cocoa, complemented by a slightly sweet, peppery finish.
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LGC Esteli

Distinctively bold and uniquely Nicaraguan, this full-bodied cigar combines Honduran Jamastran and La Entrada tobaccos to deliver a smoke that’s jam packed with notes of coffee and pepper.
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Excalibur Dark Knight

A dark, full-flavored cigar that combines Honduran, Dominican, and Nicaraguan tobaccos for a deep, satisfying smoking experience brimming with notes of coffee, leather and cocoa.
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Montecristo Cincuenta

A medium-bodied cigar that boasts a meticulously-blended mix of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos for a draw that’s perfectly smooth and features notes of vanilla, coffee, and spice.
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