If you smoke cigars, a humidor is a no-brainer. Without a humidor, a cigar can last about 30 days at best, that is, if it’s in a cellophane wrapper. No wrapper? You’re looking at just three days.

In order to last, cigars need to be kept at a certain temperature, humidity, and moisture level. When these factors aren’t kept in check, your smoke will lose freshness and quickly deteriorate in flavor. There are a variety of ways to protect your cigars — from a fancy cabinet humidor to a simple acrylic jar humidor. However, if you’re looking for the best of the best, the electric cigar humidor is the way to go. 

Electric Humidors

We won’t beat around the bush: electric humidors are among the most expensive humidor options. However, as the old adage goes, price is often a reflection of value. While a classic humidor is better than nothing, it isn’t as easy to monitor as the electric humidor. Unlike other options, the electric humidor allows you to not only set the humidity but the temperature as well. Not to mention, electric cigar humidors tend to be much larger and more organized, allowing you to safely store many cigars at once. 

If you’re ready to invest in your first electric humidor, you’ve come to the right place. Read below for your guide to the best electric humidors on the market.

Whynter CHC-122BD Elite Touch Control

Whynter’s CHC-122BD model is top-of-the-line. This unit not only stores but ages cigars by keeping them between the optimal range of 62% and 75% humidity. Additionally, it offers both a humidification tray and an analog hygrometer. 

In addition, the CHC-122BD model boasts a temperature-controlled environment, which deters any pesky insects and minimizes drying. This humidor is equipped with storage, a display light, and two Spanish cedar shelves.

NewAir 250 Count Thermoelectric Humidor

While the NewAir 250 Count Thermoelectric Humidor is perfect for any cigar connoisseur, it’s especially useful for those of you who live in hot climates. This humidor offers a unique heating and cooling system called Opti-Temp, which allows for exact temperature control.

Made with elegant stainless steel, removable shelves, and a digital thermostat, this model is sure to preserve your cigars at their full flavor and serve as an excellent addition to your home.

Needone 23L Electronic Cigar Humidor

As far as electric cigar humidors go, the Needone 23L Electronic Cigar Humidor is on the lower end of the price spectrum. This model utilizes an air-closed loop circulation and a built-in fan to maintain ideal humidity levels and airflow. Despite its fan technology, the Needone 23L operates quietly — and looks sleek while doing it. What can we say, you need one…get it?

Woodronic Cigar Humidor Cabinet with Digital Hygrometer

The Woodronic Cigar Humidor Cabinet is also situated on the lower end of the electric humidor cost range, priced slightly under $200. This Woodronic humidor features crystal gel humidifiers that keep the relative humidity at 70%, a magnetic door that ensures a tight seal, and an acrylic screen that allows you to show off your 10/10 cigar collection.

NewAir 840 Count Cigar Humidor

If you’re in search of something big, the NewAir 840 is the answer to your prayers. The NewAir 840 Count Cigar Humidor was created for the most passionate cigar lovers — as the name reveals, this humidor stores a whopping 840 cigars. Size aside, this model offers an array of other stellar features. With a built-in humidification system, precise climate control, Spanish cedar drawers, and LED lights, the NewAir 840 is every cigar aficionado’s dream come true.

Cigar Oasis Ultra 3.0 Electronic Humidifier

The Cigar Oasis Ultra 3.0 Electronic Humidifier offers a much smaller option. This desktop humidor measures 7 inches by 2.5 inches and fits between 50 and 150 cigars. The Cigar Oasis Ultra 3.0 displays humidity, humidity set point, temperature, and low water alerts right on the front and is equipped with both a sensor-controlled fan and a pre-treated water cartridge. With a tasteful design, a mounted lid, and a slim shape, this desktop humidor not only keeps your cigars in tip-top shape — it's a great addition to your desk decor. 

Whynter CHC-120S Stainless Steel 250-Cigar Cooler

The Whynter CHC-120S Stainless Steel 250-Cigar Cooler includes all the essentials — a humidification tray, an analog hygrometer, and a thermoelectric cooling system that aims to minimize any drying. Built with stainless steel, this model isn’t just elegant — it’s compact, despite its ability to hold over 250 cigars at a time.

With this information in your back pocket, you’re ready to purchase your electric cigar humidor. Whether it's your first or third, we applaud you for taking your cigar game to the next level. With so many great models to choose from, buyer’s remorse won’t even cross your mind. Subscribe to Cigar World for all the ins and outs of humidors, lighters, and everything in between.

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