The world of humidors is very much like the world of cigars themselves. Humidors can be fairly simple, or they can get as intricate and as complicated as you wish. If you didn’t realize it, there’s many different types of humidors, mostly segmented by how many cigars they can store. However, a newer class of humidors has really started to emerge over the last few years, and these are large high-tech humidors. 

These high-tech large humidors are becoming some of the best-selling humidors today. Not only will they store your cigars, they’ll regulate temperature, humidity and they’re sure to make a serious statement with your cigar storage. So, the Cigar World team has put together this list of 5 of the best selling and top rated high-tech large humidors on the market today!

Large Humidor #5: Prestige Imports Clevelander 250 Count Humidor

First up on our list is the Clevelander Electric humidor from Prestige Imports. This large humidor features a completely stainless steel outer body and a thermoelectric heating and cooling system, letting you get the perfect internal temperature in one simple step. It also features three removable sliding shelves to organize your cigars.

Why we love it:

  • Digital glass hygrometer with batteries included.
  • Thermoelectric cooling system and humidifiers.
  • Stainless steel body and glass door with tempering.
  • 3 rolling shelves.
  • Temperature adjustable from 51℉ to 64℉.

Price: $415

Large Humidor #4: Balthazar Electric End Table Humidor

Designed for storage of about 500 cigars, this large high-tech humidor features a classic design and a five section top-opening that can be used for personal items as well as cigars. The beautiful glass top provides the convenience of viewing your cigars without exposing them to UV light. Additionally, it comes in two colors, matte black or walnut, and the instrument panel houses an adjustable hygrometer, thermometer, along with a convenient storage drawer.

Why we love it:

  • Stores up to 542 toro or 1,024 corona cigars.
  • Features a glass top lid that locks.
  • Two trays with two individual dividers.
  • Instrument panel with hygrometer and thermometer.
  • Accessories drawer with three unique compartments.

Price: $819

Large Humidor #3: Adorini Glass Top 900 Count Humidor

The Adorini Prato is a premium, large humidor with a beautiful, tempered glass door that leads to storage of up to around 900 premium cigars. It boasts three removable trays with individual dividers to maximize organization, and the included digital glass hygrometer is sure to keep your precious cigars at amazing humidity levels. 

Why we love it:

  • Perfect humidor cabinet suitable for single cigar and box storage.
  • Removable trays including dividers on up to 4 levels.
  • Included lock and key set for additional security.
  • Includes 2 silver Adorini acrylic polymer humidifiers.

Price: $1,459

Large Humidor #2: Whynter 400 Cigar Count Electric Humidor

If you know anything about Whynter, you’d know they’re all about precision. Equipped with a digital hygrometer that has an adjustable humidity range of 65% to 75%, this large humidor can help store and age cigars at optimal room temperatures. Furnished with one Spanish Cedar half shelf and three additional drawers, the Whynter will maintain humidity, repel damaging insects and allow you to preserve your prized cigar collection.

Why we love it:

  • Holds up to 400 cigars.
  • Freestanding setup.
  • Stainless steel trimmed tempered glass door and sleek black cabinet.
  • Security lock and key.
  • Removable Spanish cedar drawers and shelves.

Price: $1,110

Large Humidor #1: New Air 840 Count Electric Humidor

Coming in at the top of our high-tech large humidor list is the NewAir 840 Count Cigar Humidor. It makes it easier than ever to store your collection properly. Thanks to cutting-edge climate control features, you can set temperature and humidity at the touch of a button, and the Peek-In™ Spanish cedar drawers and LED lights add style and function to a cigar cooler that's roomy enough for even the most avid collector.

Why we love it:

  • Built-in humidification system helps manage moisture levels. 
  • Extra-large capacity provides room for 840 individual cigars for collectors. 
  • Opti-Temp™ controls both heating and cooling for full temperature control. 
  • Peek-In™ Spanish cedar drawers preserve cigars and create a stylish display. 
  • Door rimmed LED lights make it easy to find the perfect cigar in seconds.

Price: $1,799

What’s your favorite large humidor? Let us know in the comments!

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For anyone new to cigars or even for the seasoned cigar expert, one of the key accessories to complete any cigar collection is a great humidor. Without storing your cigars at the proper temperature and humidity, they are certain to end up dry and anything but what the cigar artisan who rolled them intended them to be.

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  • Member Avatar
    (9 months ago)

    Just picked up my first thermoelectric humidor today, I will install it in my new house next month. I can hardly wait!!

  • Member Avatar
    (10 months ago)

    Big difference between thermoelectric and refrigerator units , also many don’t come with humidity controls some just have a fan over water or gel beads for humidity, but no way to remove excess humidity.

    that said if you find a refrigerator wine cooler and are handy enough to build Spanish cedar shelves and fork over some cash for a cigar oasis it’s a good option if you travel and want to have a peace of mind for you collection.

    That said I am looking at building a small walk in humidor vs building a larger unit like the raching large cabinet MON2800 Humidor with Ammonia Removal

    It might be worth the money it looks great, tho the shipping from China is expensive nowadays.

    I like the idea of air filtration and such a large humidifier tank so I could in theory leave for a few weeks and not worry too much. but converting my guest room into a cigar Lounge and the back wall into a humidor seems like a better long term solution.. especially if I keep collecting box’s in multiples when I’m abroad

  • Member Avatar
    (12 months ago)

    I would love to get one of these Humidors for my collection of cigars to keep them fresh when it’s time for a smoke.

  • Member Avatar
    (18 months ago)

    I want one in any size!

  • Member Avatar
    (19 months ago)

    I have a nice humidor that I keep in my bed room for safekeeping it holds up to 75 cigars I am currently looking at a new one that will hold over a 1000

  • Member Avatar
    (20 months ago)

    I just have 2 small desk top Humidors at the moment But I am Looking at the Newair.

  • Member Avatar
    (21 months ago)

    I just bought a Schemecke 250 count - does both temp and humidity regulation in the unit. It’s gonna be an interesting run with this being my first electric.

  • Member Avatar
    (23 months ago)

    This definitely gives me something to aim towards. I just started smoking cigars, and only have an acrylic humidor, but I could see my collection getting big enough for one of these one day.

  • Member Avatar
    (24 months ago)

    I do not own one right now, but I’m getting close to getting an electric humidor, I can’t wait. I only have 30 cigars so it is a work in progress but thank you for the great information

  • Member Avatar
    (2 years ago)

    I've never been fortunate enough to own a full size climate control unit. That would be pure bliss! Only thing I have ever had is a 50 ct. basic el cheapo and a tupperdore. I only filled the wood one up once. lol.

    Maybe one day I'll win the lottery LOL!

  • Member Avatar
    (2 years ago)