You’re out there taking in the scenery, quietly contemplating whatever pops into your mind and enjoying the occasional puff of your cigar.

The Cigar World team wanted to celebrate one of the best cigar smoking pastimes by putting together 5 of the most talked about freshwater fishing spots across the U.S. So, if your idea of a good time is sparking up a premium cigar while fishing by yourself or with friends and family, then this blog is for you. Enjoy, and let us know your favorite cigars to smoke while fishing!

Bighorn River - Montana 

Incredible for fly fishing enthusiasts, Bighorn is a must for brown and rainbow trout. Although the public fishing areas may be crowded, they’re worth braving the madness as it’s some of the best in the world.

Lake Austin - Texas

While there are countless lakes throughout Texas, Lake Austin boasts the best of both worlds, amazing bass fishing and close proximity to one of America’s hottest cities. Due to the area being overly crowded by city dwellers during the day, you’ll have your best luck fishing late night or early morning.

Columbia River - Oregon 

It’s the largest river in the PNW, and therefore it’s home to some of the largest salmon, steelheads and smallmouth bass you’ve ever seen. While spring and summer are the ideal times to hit the river, you can get bites all year round.

Lake Tahoe - California

While the majority of the west coast crowd frequents Tahoe for skiing, it’s also an incredible spot for fishing. Seeing as it’s the largest Alpine lake in North America, you’ll find huge Kokanee salmon, rainbow trout, brown trout and mackinaw.

Colorado River - Colorado 

Although this monstrosity of a river runs through many states, some of the best fishing takes place in the Rockies. June is the best time for fly fishers as you’ll have optimal chances to catch large trout.

3 amazing cigars to smoke while fishing

Arturo Fuente Hemingway

Mellow to medium bodied, Hemingway not only provides a nod to the old man and the sea, but its balanced and elegant notes of pepper and cedar make it an incredible cigar for enjoying while fishing.

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Diesel Rage

It’s bold. It’s complex. Diesel Rage is a full bodied cigar that provides ample strength without being overpowering. Each amazing puff leads to flavorful notes of earth, vanilla, coffee, and spices, making it perfect for an early morning or late night fishing session.

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Punch Gran Puro Nicaragua

The ultimate in flavor and body at an exceptional price, Punch Gran Puro Nicaragua is full bodied, it’s robust, and each puff is brimming with flavorful notes of pepper, cedar, and leather. It’s an incredible cigar for cool, sunny days on the lake or river fishing. 

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What’s your go-to fishing cigar? Let us know!

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    (5 days ago)

    Talk about a limited viewpoint on fishing spots. Try the Rainy River in Northern Minnesota for walleye, small mouth bass and pike.

    Northern Wisconsin is full of Muskie lakes.