The new year is almost here! We can’t wait for all the exciting new releases in 2024, but before we close the books on 2023, it’s time for one last look at a few cigars that had the Cigar World community buzzing. Check them out to see if your favorite cigar of 2023 made the list!

Partagas Valle Verde

This new, full-time offering from Partagas features a Mexican San Andrés wrapper cultivated in Veracruz. This is the first Partagas to feature a San Andrés wrapper, and it elicited the second most reviews of any cigar on our site this year. Considering it only came out in July, it’s safe to say Partagas fans were eager to talk about this rich new smoke.

Drew Estate Liga Privada No. 9

Liga Privada No. 9 is approaching modern classic status. Though this Connecticut Broadleaf Oscuro beauty can often be hard to find, it consistently delights cigar smokers when available. No cigar with more than five reviews on Cigar World garnered a better score than the scintillating 4.9/5 Liga Privada No. 9 earned in 2023.

Punch Golden Era

The newest, regular-production release in the Punch portfolio heavily features authentic Corojo tobacco from Honduras. And the Punch Brotherhood loves it. With a ton of reviews, a healthy 4.5/5 score on Cigar World, and a recent 90 rating from Cigar Aficionado, Golden Era has proved to be one of the most successful launches of 2023. 

Oliva Serie G

Serie G may not get the press of its counterpart, Serie V Melanio, but Oliva's balanced, more affordable offering regularly delivers an excellent smoking experience. Cigar World fans agreed — and made it their most-reviewed Oliva cigar of the year. 

Diesel Simple Fool

The second iteration of the Fool’s Errand Trilogy, Simple Fool, had Cigar World fans ecstatic this year. This limited-edition smoke achieved the most reviews of any cigar in 2023 — and a fabulous 4.7/5 rating — making it a must-try cigar. If that is, you can find it. 

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  • Member Avatar
    (7 months ago)

    Ferio Tego Summa was my favorite cigar of 2023

  • Member Avatar
    (7 months ago)

    The diesel simple fool was one of my favorite but my nost favorite was the knucklesandwhich Maduro