Cigar Reviewed: Macanudo M Espresso with Cream

I will preface my review by saying this review was done for the testing lab.

Out of the cello this stick had strong cocoa aroma and a light coffee scent as well. The wrapper had a nice appearance (barber pole).

Upon cutting and lighting, the aroma from this stick is pleasant (coffee/cocoa). The draw is very smooth. The first 1/3 is on the lighter side of medium. Strong cocoa with a smooth caramel flavor. Plenty of sweetness to go around.

The construction of this smoke is as you would expect from Macanudo...nothing to write home about, but no real complaints either. The second 1/3 steps it up a bit...medium I would say. The caramel flavor is replaced with a more nutty, espresso flavor. The cocoa fades to the back and the sweetness subsides a bit. I did have to touch up the light before moving on to the back 1/3.

The finish of this smoke stayed at the medium strength, but the caramel flavor did come back. The nutty flavors faded but the cocoa and espresso stayed put. Not as sweet as the front 2/3, but still a subtle sweetness.

Coffee is not my favorite flavor, but I did enjoy the caramel notes. Not my favorite stick, but I am sure those who enjoy coffee would be happy with this smoke. Smoke time was 1hr 10min.

M by Macanudo


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